Wednesday, January 11, 2012

It's My Birthday

Today I turn 53 years old and as I'm typing this the number looks old!  I remember when I was younger and saw that number as someone's age and would think, "that's kind of old"! I've learned that 53 isn't old, at least I don't think it's old.  The other day the thought occured to me; though, that I could have only 20 or so more years on this earth; not much time left compared to the number of years I have already lived.

I'd rather look at the positives or the bright side of situations so I'll tackle this subject from the "bright side".  I haven't sat down to ponder what I'm about to write so I'm sure there will be items I might like to add, but I'm more of an "off the cuff" type of girl so I'm just going to wing it.

I know I've had to have learned some things, some valuable lessons in my 53 years so I'd like to list a few:  First, I've learned that I always have something I can be grateful for even when I'm not in the  mood to feel grateful.  That knowledge is always with me; I may not be in the mood, but I still know. 

I've learned that the older I get, the less I know.  When I was younger I thought I had the answers to so many questions and problems, but in truth, I didn't.  And along with the knowledge that I really don't know everything comes less of a temptation to judge others.   I do appreciate that burden being lifted; how awful to feel the need to judge others when you think you'd know what is best for them.

I have learned that my life has been richly blessed and shaped by wonderful friends.  The people who you hang out with are who you become more like ,and I"ve had the privilege of knowing some of the most amazing people (so far) during my life.  There have been days when I wanted to give it all up for the day and the thought would come to me, "pretend you're _____".  Isn't imitation the sincerest form of flattery (or something like that)?  I'm not saying that I'm a follower, necessarily, but we do tend to feel comfortable with those of like-minds (at least I do), and even if someone is like-minded, they still have different styles and tastes and outlooks on our vast world with different life experiences; I love learning about and incorporating new ideas into my world.

I've also learned that the world doesn't revolve around me and that I need to sometimes be the one to reach out to others.  Without a job outside my home and without children at home to force me to be with other parents, it's easy to sometimes become a hermit, to not look outside and reach out to others who might be needing a helping hand or a friendly voice.  Not a proud thing to voice (or put out into the universe) but it is a truth. 

I have also learned that my thoughts truly do create my moods and actions which in turn bring desired or undesired results into my physical world.  This knowledge has freed me from playing the role of a victim and instead, taking responsibility for my circumstances.  I can't say that I always live it, but I do know it.  Sometimes I will allow myself a pity party, but I know it'll only be temporary because of this truth.  I am ultimately, the one in charge of my mood and circumstances.

I'm sure I could list many more lessons but I think this is enough for this post.  One more thing, though.  I found a challenge on Pinterest to take a photo a day for 31 days and the list is specific.  Today's photo (day 3) is to take something I adore.  I thought about that for a while (it can be taken literally or creatively).  Honestly the thing I adore most is my family, but that is the most obvious and I'd like to be a little more creative.

My husband came home for his lunchbreak along with a cute birthday card and flowers.  Usually when he brings me flowers they are roses and they're beautiful, but I don't always love roses.  As a sidenote: when we first stated dating in 1977 my favorite flower was a daisy, and I don't even remember why it was my favorite flower but he has always remembered that.  It is now; however, not my favorite flower just as my favorite color is no longer blue.  Anyway, the point is that he didn't bring me roses or even daisies(which he said he looked for) but instead this quirky bouquet of cheerfulness that is now sitting in my living room.  Today this is the "something I adore" and it's not the flowers but all of the thought that went behind the flowers. 

Last night I wasn't sure how my birthday was going to be since I have started an eating program and knew I wouldn't be having cake (my choice) and didn't have any special plans for the day (again, my choice); I thought I may be enjoying the day doing nothing and laying around watching some movies.  It has turned into (and my thoughts helped along with a few phone calls and a visit from a friend) a great day; nothing big or fabulous but still a great day.  I am thankful for my life and all of the lessons I've learned so far as well as new ones I'm open to learning. 

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