Monday, October 31, 2011

Enjoy This Moment

 I love this quote, "Enjoy this moment, for this moment is your life."  I don't know who said it or where I even saw it the first time, but it stuck in my head.

Today I had a hair appointment (it's been too long since I've had it done) and while I was laying my head back in the sink having the three color dyes washed out of my hair this quote came into my mind.  The hairstylist was massaging my head (my favorite part of the whole process!), but instead of just enjoying the moment I was wondering how long she would keep massaging.  That's when the thought came into my head, "enjoy this moment".  I was wasting precious minutes of such wonderful relaxation thinking of what was coming next instead of "just being" in the moment. 

For the rest of the day I have kept the thought in my head to enjoy each moment.  I came home from my hair appointment and worked out (I crazily made a 9:00am appointment which left me no time to have my "morning") and made myself "enjoy" just being in my basement without worrying about the time, I enjoyed each moment of taking a shower and blow-drying my newly cut and foiled hair, as I went to the grocery store I "tried" to enjoy that moment, and then I enjoyed several minutes of taking some gorgeous photos of the beautiful Halloween afternoon.  Some moments are easily enjoyed, but even in those, are we really enjoying the moment or are we planning what's coming next? 

I remember one of my friends telling me that she had read in a book, "to enjoy it all"; even enjoying the time we spend washing the dishes or doing the mundane tasks.  The trick is to just "be" in each moment without rushing through it because in reality, this is our life.

This Halloween evening, I am enjoying the candlelight flickering through a few rooms of my home with the Turner Classic Movie station on in the background, and while I finish cooking my traditional meatloaf for dinner (I don't know why meatloaf has become my Halloween traditional meal, but somehow it has!) I will enjoy it all because someday it will be my last moment and what a waste if I hadn't enjoyed it all.

My afternoon drive snapping photos:

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Sometimes Faith is All We Have

Wednesday, the day I was supposed to be on a deadline gathering the rest of my garage sale items, I received this text from my son, who's wife was expecting identical twin girls (due date was February but they were planning on having them in January), "Ranae and I came to the hospital 5 hours ago and found out she was fully dialated and she had an emergency c-section babies are doing good so far."   

Of course I called my son at that moment and talked to him (they're a long way from us; an awful feeling at that moment).  He was alone, his wife's family was on their way to the hospital since it was a 45 minute drive from where they live, but Brent was alone; I felt so badly for him.

All of the activities I had to finish up that day didn't mean so much to me, but I did muddle through them amidst all of the phone calling to my family and relaying messages back and forth.  In fact, I am grateful for a friend who came and got me (not knowing beforehand about my preemie granddaughters) to look at a house with her; I'm afraid I wasn't "all there", but it got me out of my house because there was nothing I could do; what a helpless feeling! When I got on my knees that evening to say a prayer for the 4 of them, the thought came to my mind that "we are blessed." 

 Ranae blogged about the experience and in her blog mentioned that she had felt calm throughout the experience realizing that the babies were in Heavenly Father's hands;  I admire her faith.  Lyla and Mae  ( were 1 lb. 13 ozs and 2 lbs when they were born and are breathing on their own, and according to the nurses the babies are doing well.)   God is good. 

   If you feel inclined to offer up a prayer in their behalf,
                      it would be appreciated. 

Saturday, October 29, 2011

What We Won't Do For a Buck

                                For the past two days, I've been involved in a garage sale.
                               Four of us participated, and it was in my friend, Beryl's, garage
                               which has an old wood burning stove in the back to keep it
                              warmer especially in this cooler weather.  Having a garage sale
          is incredibly grueling when you include the "gathering" of unwanted stuff,  transporting it,  pricing it all, setting up the tables and shelves and then placing all the items neatly on the surfaces transforming an old garage into a neat, little, thrift store.

The first evening getting it all set up took until 3:00am!  Needless to say, I didn't get a wink of sleep that night before having to be back to attach 23 handmade signs to numerous poles in the area before opening our gates at 9:00am!  The wonderful part about all of the gruelling work is sharing it with three wonderful friends, laughing like school girls but working so diligently preparing everything for a successful sale.

Today was the second and final day of the sale.  Both days were well attended and we sold a lot of our "stuff".  It's amazing how other people appreciate what we no longer love, need, or want.

                                                                I loved seeing lots of
                                            different people: some young, some bringing children with them and some older, but most everyone who entered our "store" were friendly  and open to all of our silliness, our singing along with the radio, our dancing and our laughter.  
      I am happy to report that it was a successful sale in more            than one way:  we made money, made friends,  renewed                   acquaintances and made some fun memories.



Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Some Days!

Last week when I was on my treadmill, I noticed that the "endurance" light was on!  That made me very excited to know that I was going farther than just the "fat-burn" and I was actually enjoying myself while doing it!  It gave me that extra little incentive to keep going. 

Today I would like an endurance light attached to my body to tell me that I'm "doing it" and to keep going!
I'm just sluggish today; I've got to get all of my yard sale stuff in my car and drive it (and then mark it and display it)  to the location where we're having the yard sale tomorrow!  I had all kinds of energy yesterday; don't know where it is today!  The sad, or funny, thing is that this morning when I got up I mistakenly took an over the counter sleeping pill instead of taking Excedrin!  Lesson learned: do not take any kind of pill unless I am awake and alert!  So after I mistakenly took the sleeping pill I hurriedly took 2 Excedrin to try and counter that one little pill!  (maybe that's why I'm a little sluggish today? you think?) 

Regardless of my "tiredness" I have to keep pushing on and enduring for the rest of the day!  (What's the limit on the amount of Excedrin one can take? )  Some days I just have to laugh at myself!  

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Summing It Up (Conclusion)

Tonight, I'm finishing up my "Summing It Up" post.  I've tried to expound a little on "What Do You Want", "How's Your Mood Working for You", and tonight I'll finish with "De-Cluttering".  

In the De-Cluttering post, I mentioned from the book, "It's All Too Much",  the chapter in which the author talks about the reason for the de-cluttering, anyway.  It's not about the "stuff", it's about creating space for the "life you imagine."

When I imagine  a "wonderful" life, it is  filled with doing things I love mixed in with some necessary "evils" that I just need to do to maintain a home and maintain my physical surroundings.  I do know that I love to be "busy" with things that I love which includes photography and all that encompasses, with helping people (whether in a life coaching situation or just listening), and I do love being creative around my home.  So I guess that would be my ideal life combined with my husband, children, grandchildren and friends.  I think that's a great start; especially when for me to imagine a "scheduled" life is next to impossible!  I just know what I'd love to fill my "space" with and now I know why I want to only surround myself with items I love. (hence the last night of de-cluttering is going to take place;  I've really procrastinated it and I'll get rid of some things for the yard sale and others will most likely either go to Goodwill or go in the trash). 

This morning I was working out to my playlist on Pandora; and I listened closely to the lyrics of "Firework" by Katy Perry.  I felt they fit right along with my posting for today because until we know who we are and what we want and love in our lives, we are, or can, just kind of "float" along in life not actually reaching for our full potential and learning.   It's time (at least for me) to be consciously aware of what I'm creating in my little corner of the world. 

       Do you ever feel like a plastic bad drifting through the wind wanting to start again,
do you ever feel so paper thin like a house of cards one blow from caving in.  Do you ever  feel already buried deep six feet under screams but no one ever seems to hear a thing.   Do you know that there’s still a chance for you cause there’s a spark in you.  

      You’ve just gotta ignite the light and let it shine just own the night like the 4th of July.  Cause baby you’re a firework come on show’em what you’re worth.  Make 'em go ah ah h as you shoot across the sky.  Baby you’re a firework;  come on let your colors burst make em go ah ah ah you’re gonna leave’em all in awe awe awe. 
        You don’t have to feel like a wasted space you’re original cannot be replaced.   If you only knew what the future holds, after a hurricane comes a rainbow.  Maybe a reason why the doors are closed, so you could open one that leads you to the perfect road.  Like a  lightening bolt your heart will glow and when it’s time you know.  
        You’ve just gotta ignite the light and let it shine just own the night like the 4th of July.  Cause baby you’re;a firework come on show’em what you’re worth; make em go oh oh oh  as you shoot across the sky.   Baby you’re a firework; come on let your colors burst;  make’em go ah ah ah  You’re gonna leave them all in awe awe awe.    
       Boom, Boom, Boom,even brighter than the moon,  It’s always been inside of you and now it’s time to let it through.   Cause baby you’re a firework, come on show’em what you’re worth, make’em go oh oh oh as you shoot across the sky.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Summing It Up (Part 2)

Last night I posted "What I  Want" (a revised post from one I blogged about last week);  I felt that before I re-posted "How's Your Mood Working for You" I needed to know what I really wanted (I sometimes need to work backwards).   So even though today was not a wonderful day and I almost feel hypocritical to post anything, I am going to "push on" and post what I had intended to in the first place.

I blogged about making a list of the things that would make you happy which I had done several years before, but this time my list was a little more specific and detailed.  This is a list (as well as my "wants" list) that I need to put up where I can read it every morning or when I start to feel badly or discouraged.

Here's a sampling of "What Makes Me Happy" to give you an idea (as if anyone might take this idea?):  *Living and "doing" with ease  *knowing that I've done the right thing  *helping others (physically or emotionally)  *meaningful conversation  *laughter  *taking photographs  *being with family  *all kinds of music  *a clean, comfortable home that reflects my personality  *when I'm working out and can feel my whole body (and muscles) moving, working & stretching  *driving with the car windows down (or moon roof open)  *being at the beach, seeing & hearing the ocean  *good, clean, fun  *fresh scents  *being needed  *creative ideas  *connecting with friends *aha moments  *watching children (& especially my grandchildren) play and laugh  *feeling "balanced"  ...... this is just a sampling and I'll most likely add to my page-long list, but the point is to have my "happiness" list reflect my "wants"and as I was reading through both lists last night, I realized my "happiness" list does follow my "wants" list. 

Today while I was reading my scriptures I came across some passages that talked about having "opposition in all things" in order to know the good from the bad, happy from sad, etc.....  I realized and was reminded that in order for us to know joy we need a little sorrow.  I think we'd all agree that we get our share of sadness or sorrow; do we realize as we're feeling sad that there's an "upside" to that?

 We have many opportunities to learn and grow.  I have learned (or realized) that I don't need my "happiness journal".  I have a Gratitude Journal where I reflect and list 3 - 5 items each day that I have seen or thought about that I am grateful for, and in feeling gratitude I will also feel happiness and joy. (So I won't waste my cute Happiness Journal, I'll use it as my Gratitude Journal when I fill it up)

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Summing It Up (Part 1)

I've blogged this week about "What Do You Want", "How's Your Mood Working for You", and then about "De-Cluttering".  I thought those posts were fine, but one evening (the evening I spoke of a few days back where I wanted to just go to bed at 7:00pm) and give it all up (with no visible reason for my "defeated" feeling),  I sat down and thought about all of those topics and wondered if I have just been "scratching the surface" and not really digging deeply enough.  I've thought and worked on different issues for several years now and frankly, I'm tired of staying on the top; I'm ready to delve in!

I have thought alot about "happiness" and what that means.  I blogged about asking myself, "what makes me happy" each day and even started a Happiness Journal, but it just doesn't feel quite right.
I have a quote hanging in my office that reads,
                  "Happiness is not a destination you arrive at, but a manner of traveling."

So for me, happiness is (or needs to be) an attitude to maintain with choices made each day that will keep "the happiness train" rolling on.

In order for me to know what makes me happy, I felt that first, I needed to make a list (I must love list-making!) of what I really want in life.  Making this list was quite emotional for me; I actually felt the emotion of having the things I listed, and it felt amazing. (In writing this down on paper the other evening, my "blah" and "defeated" mood changed to one of hope and happiness; funny how that works, huh?)  My "What I Want" list became more than just a list to check off; it became "me".    In order for this list to be "whole" I felt that it needed to include some specifics and not just general wants.  I'll list a few as an example (without getting too personal):  *I want the ability to take responsibility for my moods, thoughts, and actions, allowing others to own theirs; realizing that it only matters what I do.  *I want a career that's fulfilling and flexible; one that I can use my creativity and am able to help others see how amazing they are.  *I want to be able to travel to see my family & friends as well as to see parts of the country (& maybe even the world) that I've never been to.  * I want the desire and ability to get a good nights' sleep.  * I want the quality of enduring with joy; of being diligent without "giving up" when I'm just not "feeling it".  *I want to always see the positive in people and to be optimistic.  *I want clear ideas and then plain words to convey those ideas. *I want to be able to learn from mistakes and then choose to change.  *I want to do what's right even when it's not convenient.  *I want to feel an "easy" flow to my life; like a puzzle coming together piece by piece.  * I want courage to pursue my interests (photography, life coaching, interior design).  I think you get the idea from this short list; my list was at least a page long and I'm sure I can add to that as I am inspired with new ideas.

 I just think when I posted  "what do you want" (a few days ago) it was so "surface" and just checking off some kind of "to-do" list and that really bothered me.  If we (or rather, I) am to learn and improve then I need to dig a little deeper if I want to create a life that I love even more than the one I have now.  I can honestly say that I am happy and as I want to maintain that attitude, I will make choices that continually promote that emotion; it's all a choice. 

 There are some days when I go back and re-read a post and feel that it might not be "quite right".  I am just trying to figure this all out and maybe, just maybe, it's coming together like "the puzzle" of my life.  So please bear with me as I make changes and amendments; I really do want to get it "just right".

Saturday, October 22, 2011


 I love Autumn!  Every year I love to go out and take some photos, but this year I'm having a little more difficulty getting out.  I did; however, get my Autumn decorations out, and each year I like to add a little something so that my "Autumn-ness" gets better each year.  This year I bought this sign I found at Real Deals: 

Just as the earth changes with each season, so do our lives change with each passing year.  I don't know how long you would define a season in a human life (something like "dog years"?); maybe it's measured in decades or in quarter centuries.  I do know that my "season" of raising kids is over and I'm exploring this season of my life; what do I want to do now, what do I see for my life (and my husband's) now?

We were with a dear friend today as she's exploring the idea of purchasing a Motor Home now that she's in a different season of her life; it is a little exciting!  We can view each season or each change of our lives differently; we can see it with sadness (which I saw in mine for a little while) or we can see it through excited eyes of adventure and learning new lessons.

I can hear The Mamas and Pappas (not exactly sure if that's the group that sang this song) singing the song (and it wasn't even in my "era").   "To every thing, turn....turn...turn... There is a season, turn...turn...turn...And a time to every purpose under Heaven..... "  The inspiration for this song comes from Ecclesiastes Chapter 3, Verse 1: "To every thing there is a season and a purpose under Heaven."

So as Autumn is here and with the changing leaves and temperatures (and soon to be clocks), may we find and rejoice in the purpose of our lives at this moment and in this season, being happy where we are and moving through each phase with ease.

Friday, October 21, 2011

The Secret is Believing

  It's been a rather long day and I am tired.  It's not that I've actually gotten alot of physical work done that's made me tired; it's the tedious tasks of uploading photos to snapfish and organizing my office just a little more, that's worn me out.   I am tired but happy.

This afternoon I saw a post on facebook that expressed the feeling that it was an "off" day for that person and she just couldn't seem to "get it together".  I know exactly how she was feeling; yesterday was my day to feel that way; in fact, I had actually wanted to throw in the towel for the day and just go to bed at 7:00pm (which would have been miraculous for me to fall asleep!) and pull the covers over my head.  Nothing had happened to even give me the "hint" to feel that way; it had been a good day.  I got a quick errand run and had lunch with a friend and then after, had gone downtown to a new Re-Sale shop and actually found a pretty blouse.  But I was feeling a little defeated anyway.  For some reason, I didn't fall into my normal "defeatedness" and had the desire to write which totally changed the way I was feeling.  Through the pen I was able to express ideas and thoughts that I hadn't totally understood before, and I felt better because my thoughts had changed and I was feeling and believing them.  (The content of my "writing" will be a different blog post; it's a little longer than I want to deal with today; I'm ready to get off of the computer). 

A friend bought this little sign for me on our way home from Seattle a few weeks ago.  "The Secret to having it ALL is BELIEVING that you DO."   Whatever we think and believe is manifested in our moods and actions.  Today I do have it all (at least the definition of all in my world) and am really not wanting for anything more (except maybe take-out for dinner!).


Thursday, October 20, 2011


                         "God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,
                                   Courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom
                                                        to know the difference."

Today I watched a little bit of Oprah's Lifeclass which is a show on the OWN channel.  I'm not an avid Oprah fan, but I really enjoy this show.  It's lessons learned by some of Oprah's past guests as well as some that Oprah has learned. 

 Today Paula Dean was on and spoke of the day she was able to take reponsibility for her life; it was the day (and she thought of the Serenity Prayer often) that the words, "accept the things I cannot change" really sunk in.  After realizing there were some things she could never change, she was able to take responsibility for her own life and move forward. 

 To accept the things I cannot change is to actually "let go" and move on from there.  It releases one from the responsibility of holding on to circumstances out of one's control.  It's a "big" thought and one to grab hold of.   It all goes back to my original premise of starting this blog; it really only matters what we think and do, not what others around us do. 

                      "God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,
                                Courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom
                                                    to know the difference."