Monday, April 2, 2012

Breaking and Braking

This morning I've been thinking about the letter  b or things that begin with  b  that I could write about today, and not just a word but something I'm relating to.  The word, break, or even more specifically the phrase, breaking out or breaking free, keeps coming to my mind and it's something I'm also feeling. 

Throughout my life (and I imagine that I'm not the only one) I've had and continue to have experiences of getting stuck and feeling the need to break out of that thought process or pattern that I may be stuck in that may last for an hour, a day or a week or even for years.  I'm fortunate to now recognize the descent into a hole fairly quickly.  In fact, now I can see it happening as it is happening; however, I'm not great at stopping myself at that very moment, hence the need to break out after it's happened.

As I was thinking about the phrase, breaking out, the word brake also came to my mind.   Breaking and braking mean different things; however, I have found that they're absolutely related to each other (at least in my world).  

One of the definitions of brake is to be slowed down or stopped, as in braking.  One of the meanings of the word, break means to cause to come apart by force.  If I'm wanting to break out of a negative thought or a mood or habit then I need to put on the brakes and stop right where I am in order to change that thought or action.  

Most of us have things in our lives that we'd love to break free from.  For me, today it's a feeling I can't quite describe, one of a little sadness and disappointment that I felt in an instant last evening and know exactly where it came from.   This morning I awoke knowing that today I would be taking on that task of breaking free from that feeling and putting on the brakes to the negative thoughts that helped perpetuate that feeling.  

Prayer and working out have helped put me on the right path; now I'm thinking it's time for some great music and dancing.  I think that will just about take care of it; at least for today. 


  1. Nice posting I often get that feeling too mainly because life just seems so fast paced anymore, the economy is bad which leaves worry it is so easy to want or need a break. Thanks for sharing

  2. Great post - you're right that in order to break free from something, sometimes we have to apply the brakes! I love that you made that connection.

  3. Great 'B.' I've been braking by working out more and clearing my mind with some hard work.

  4. Nice flow between break & brake ;)
    Like you, I'm mid-reinvent now that my kids are grown.
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