Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Scattered Thoughts about Girls' Camp Late at Night

I know it's late and I know that I still have much to do in order to get up at 6:00 am tomorrow and be out the door at 8:00am heading up in the mountains with 11 teenage girls and 4 other leaders to join a bunch of other teenage girls and lots of other women!  (that makes me tired just writing all of that!)

Yes, I'm going to Girls' Camp!  And no, I am not a camper!  I do; however, love being with the girls and with the other women; I just know there are some wonderful memories waiting to be made up in the cold weather in the mountains.  Yes, I am bringing plenty of blankets, socks, sweatshirts and flannel pajama pants! 

It's been a crazy day running around with my friend,  who I am helping with all of this camping stuff.  We were able to purchase materials for the girls to make vision boards using "Arise and Shine Forth" as the theme to help them focus daily on their goals and dreams of becoming all they can be.  We also purchased some butterfly suckers and small windmill things(what are they called?) that I will attach printed words to reflect something to focus on each day.  Along with the butterflies is the word, transformation and along with the windmill things will be attached the word, stand firm (an opposite meaning of being blown; I love things like that). 

Anyway, it should be lots of fun along with time for spiritual contemplation; I am looking forward to that; to getting away from the ordinary and mundane and getting back to nature.  I'm just hoping we are "bear-free" this year and that my blankets will keep me warm and comfy at night in our tent. 

I am taking my camera in hopes of getting some fun shots; I'll post those after we get home on Friday.  Wish me luck!

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  1. I'm sure you are already at the campsite! What an adventure it sounds like; short of the bears, it could be an interesting experience!! I'm sure lots of memories will be made; looking forward to seeing how you did come Friday!