Monday, June 4, 2012

Where is That Magic Pill?

 Wow, I've been non-existent on my blog for a while, huh?  I've been traveling here and there and when I've been home I haven't felt much inspiration to write about.....until late last night.

I was watching television and saw a commercial for a new animated film coming out called Brave.  That was the first I'd heard about that movie, but the point in the preview that inspired me was the line (or something close to the line) which said, "I want a spell to change my fate." 

I want one of those!  Or one of those magic pills; is there such a thing?  I've been noticing my thoughts lately; they're not the ones I want or need to create the life I so desire.   I know that thought is the origin of our feelings and emotions which then leads to our actions.  My actions lately are not desirous, but even more than that, my thoughts (and I'm happy that I'm noticing them) are not conducive to any outcomes that I desire.

Wouldn't it be nice if there were a spell or a magic pill we could use to get rid of the negatives in our lives?   Can't I wave a magic wand or click my heels together 3 times and repeat my wish?  Maybe i have a pill in my cabinet or an incantation in a book (that would be in the public library since I don't have a book of incantations!)   I remember watching Bewitched (many years ago!) and wishing I could twitch my nose and have my house cleaned or things completed that I wasn't too happy to have to do on my own.  The truth was that I could do them without twitching my nose; I just wanted the shortcut.

Unfortunately there are no shortcuts or spells to changing negative thoughts or negative patterns; if there were such things, then when I had achieved the positive thoughts I wanted, where would be the lesson or the learning?  I honestly believe that we can have joy and even peace in times of struggle ( I do believe we can feel peace when we're on the path we're meant to be on). 

I was reminded this morning of  my belief that we have all the answers and solutions within us if we look inward and listen.  I acknowledge that I need the help of my Father in Heaven through prayer to help me find the answers or find the means to find the answers; I couldn't do it without Him.   We know what feels right and if we don't automatically know what feels right, we certainly can feel when something doesn't feel right.  (at least I seem to notice those "be careful of that" feeling at times). 

I guess my point is that we wouldn't really benefit from a magic pill or a spell to make our lives what we wanted; that solution just sounds so much easier.  But then again, there is some adventure in searching for the solution without the answer being handed to us in the very moment we want it. 

"You choose... whether to give up at the first obstacle or give it your all, to speak up or stay silent, to change what you don't like or let it change you.  With every (thought), word, every step you take, you define who you are----and create your future."


  1. thanks for visiting my blog (a bench with a view) and your comment; I do hope your son gets that job with Overstock; with little wee ones, the need for employment definitely is so important!

    I do believe we can allow ourselves to get caught up with negative thoughts so much easier than the opposite with happy thoughts especially these days when life is full of so many struggles right and left. I know I struggle with it a lot and need to remember and keep my focus on God and his word and his promises and cling to that rather than the world and its problems, but it is a constant mind set to do so. To find joy in him no matter what, but again so hard to do. I hadn't heard of that movie, I'll have to do some checking about it.


    1. Betty, my son did not get that job or several others he's applied for since that date. He is leaving on Sunday to sell pest control in Austin, TX unless the job he interviewed for today is the ONE! All we can do is pray and have faith. Everything will be okay.

  2. I wish I had those magic pills myself. So much to do, no time to get it all done. Loved the posting

  3. I would love to be able to click my heels (and wear those really cool ruby reds) and change some things! I guess that would be too easy. But, still . . . :)