Thursday, October 18, 2012

Remembering My Passions

Last week I was given the opportunity on two different days to remember two things that I absolutely love doing and that give me great satisfaction.  I haven't recorded anything on my blog for months, but I couldn't seem to find my inspiration.   Thanks to two of my friends, I have found two things I feel passionately about and that give me inspiration.

Last Saturday evening, late, I received a text from a friend who was having a panic attack.  She knew that I had been trained in Rapid Eye Technology and must have known that I could help (either that or she was desperate).  I haven't kept up my certification in Rapid Eye, but I have not forgotten everything and was able to help her use EFT to lower her panicked feelings from an "8" to a "3" which gave me such a good feeling.  I love helping people.

In the same week, I was asked by a friend if I would mind taking some Senior photos of her son for the yearbook.  I have not touched my camera for months.  I had forgotten how much I loved taking photographs and being creative!  She and her son came over on a Saturday in the late afternoon, and even with some slight rain, we took some great photos in my backyard.   As I was loading the photos onto my computer, I felt happy to be able to do this for my friend, but also felt happy to be doing something I loved!

For me, life is more enjoyable when I am participating in activities that bring me great joy; I had forgotten or had chosen to forget because I thought that I could not do either of these things very well.  Maybe it's not in doing things better than anyone else but just doing things the best I can that bring me joy; either way, I want to remember to stay in this place of remembering the things that I love doing. 

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