Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Finding some Inspiration

Today I'm not going to write about how long it's been since I've blogged or that I haven't followed up my Girls' Camp experience or whine about my lack of interesting ideas or experiences.   Instead I'd like to share some inspiration I found this morning (which will hopefully keep me inspired each day).

I follow Danielle LaPorte's posts on facebook and read one of her past postings titled, The Biggest Threat to Your Creativity.  (I'm going to post this short, very inspirational piece - at least inspirational to me)
  The biggest threat to your creativity…
… is the fear that it’s already been done, said, created.
(So why bother?)
Say it, do it, make it anyway —
but tell YOUR story along the way.
The story of how you came to know what you know.
The story of what you want to know more of.
The story of why you do what you do.
The story of how you came to care.
And that’s how you create what’s never been created before.

When I read this short piece, a light bulb came on for me since I have had those thoughts of why bother when it's already been done or what do I have to offer since so many others know so much more than me?  (I am not looking for sympathy; just expressing my thoughts)  She is right about the fact that we are all individuals with different thoughts, perspectives and experiences.  We all have our own stories and even if they are similar, they are still different because we are different individuals. 

So even with missing about 3 weeks of writing I will push on and find joy in discovering the answers to the four questions of how I came to know what I know, what I want to know more of, why I do what I do and how I came to care.  (but sometimes I want to write about light things since life can sometimes be way too serious!)



  1. Really like this, Sharon. I have had those thoughts almost every single day I have posted :) But, we each do have our own unique perspective on things and that's what keeps me going - - sharing mine and reading others'. It's been really fun and rewarding!

    1. Thanks for your comment, Judy. Unfortunately, my week of blogging more posts was cut short because I found out the evening of my last post that my computer had been hacked; I was actually locked out of blogspot until a friend changed the password from her computer and then google was in portuguese for me! So, as soon as I get my mess of a computer figured out, I will post more often, I hope! :) For now, I'm using my husband's computer. I do love reading other blogs and I do enjoy yours.