Thursday, April 7, 2011

May I Have Another "Me", Please?

There's a movie (maybe made in the early 90's) titled, "Multiplicity"; that stars Michael Keaton and Andie MacDowell. The premise of the movie revolves around Keaton's character as the husband, father and construction contractor who does not have enough time in his day to take care of his business, his family, or in participating in activities that he loves.

Keaton's character meets someone with an answer to all of his problems: cloning himself! Of course, the procedure is experimental at that point, but Keaton's character is desperate! It is a funny movie, and I won't spoil it for you; I'll just say it gets very complicated!

This movie, or the premise of the movie, popped into my head last night as I was packing, making phone calls, and thinking about leaving (actually today) for one son's graduation from college, then to visit family in Southern Utah(saying goodbye to a wonderful Father-in-law who does not have much time left on this earth),and then on to Texas to visit family there.(my Husband and I are together until the "Texas" part of the trip)

Part of me (last night) was at home and frustrated trying to get things taken care of (I'll be gone awhile), while another part of me is with family and Father-in-law ( as well as Mother-
in-law),in Southern Utah, part of me is in three different places in Texas and the last particle of me is in California with one of our sons and his young family! I want a clone!
In fact,I think I'd like 2 clones of myself! (since in the movie, something "odd" happened after two!)

I watch families whose children marry and live in close proximity and wonder, "How does that happen? what kind of magic, fairy dust or magical potion do I need to concoct for that to happen?". In reality(or at least my reality), I think it is just part of life. I moved away from my parents when I married; we put thousands of miles on our vehicles traveling from Utah and Washington State to Texas for cherished visits and looked for phone plans with unlimited long distance.

I know there's a lesson in this; something to learn and maybe something to "create"; I do have a deep appreciation for every visit  I get, and as I am writing this, my husband and I are attempting to plan summer visits (fly or drive and who get the car?) around a wedding, the birth of another grandchild, watching another grandchild, and helping a sister decorate a new apartment (and who knows what else?). I have to laugh out loud and realize that I love every bit of it!

I still think the idea of having myself cloned one or two times sounds intriguing; just not sure that it is worth the risk!


  1. I was blogging this yesterday on my husband's ipad in the car on the way down to Idaho! Ipads are just NOT the same as a regular computer!

  2. There again, Sharon, you share your feelings so beautifully. That is truly a gift. I can see you making all of your entries into a book one day for your family. You have much wisdom to share...You certainly have touched my heart. Thank you for sharing...