Wednesday, February 27, 2013


It's been a really nice day and a busy one which I needed since I'm waiting to hear news of grandchild #10 being born; it's a girl and her name is Alice. 

Waiting is interesting; it's taxing on one's mind, but filled with a little excitement and anticipation all at the same time, except maybe waiting for surgery or something unpleasant in which case it's just dread.

  The only time I enjoy waiting is when I'd rather be sitting in a chair in a waiting room able to sit in peace with nowhere to go, since I'm waiting.  That kind of waiting isn't too terribly awful, but this kind of waiting (waiting for a birth) doesn't feel as relaxing as reading a book or magazine while waiting. 

I remember as a child waiting for Christmas or my birthday or a family vacation.  That kind of waiting is filled with anticipation so it's a mixture of excitement and anxiousness.  

It was a great distraction to have a girls' camp planning meeting at my house today, and it was fun to actually make lunch and play Martha Stewart for a few hours. 

Now the meeting's over, the house is straightened and my daughter-in-law will most certainly be having baby Alice by tonight sometime.  If I lived in the same town I'd be participating more as in helping with their 3 year old.   As it is, I am a long way from California and will have to find things around here to keep me occupied.  I think I can do that; I have a bridal shower to get planned with invitations to fill out and address which will have to be mailed tomorrow.

I have to admit that it does feel a little like Christmas eve; a little excitement, nervousness and anticipation all wrapped up in the waiting.  And in three weeks we'll make the trek out to California to meet little Alice in person.  More waiting....


  1. I love that name! Our first grandchild (girl) is due March 6, so we are getting really excited!! Congrats!!

  2. Judy, congrats! Grandchildren are so much fun! Her full name will be Alice Claren.

  3. thanks for your comment on my blog (a bench with a view). I do hope Alice has made her appearance by now and all is well; congrats to all!


    1. Betty, I enjoy reading your blog; I'm just way behind on just about everything! Thanks and yes, Alice was born Feb. 28th! All is well! :) And just to let you know, your blog posting on truth has really had me thinking what my truths are. I may have to borrow your idea for one of my postings. Thanks for looking me up!