Saturday, March 31, 2012

A Short Entry Resulting from an Overwhelming Feeling

 This evening I held an Open House for Lyla and Mae so that friends who would like to come meet these little miracles could stop by; it was very casual.  We had just the right amount of friends stop by, and when I say friends I mean people who are more like family.  It was an enjoyable few hours of conversation, holding babies, laughter, food and even a few tears when reflecting on the earliness of Lyla and Mae's entrance into this world and the miracles they are.

As I reflect on this evening, I have a wonderful feeling of gratitude.  Gratitude of course, for Lyla and Mae (as well as their parents) and gratitude for such wonderful friends and for their love and support.

 Life really is made up of little moments and memories.
I am very much aware that I have a wonderful life with a family whom I love as well as friends who I've adopted as part of my family.   I just didn't want this evening to get away from me without recording this special memory. 


  1. Wish I had been in town to stop by. I was picking up my quilts at the Tri-city Quilt show. They are beautiful!

  2. Thanks, Mary. We would have loved it if you had been able to, but understand.

  3. What adorable little ones! You must just be so happy that they are here and all right.