Thursday, March 1, 2012

Something on My Mind

I haven't written much lately; once again pulling myself up by my bootstraps and moving on! :)  I haven't forgotten my challenge to do things daily that keep my life in balance; some things come naturally and some I have to put on my list and make a conscience effort.  I've had many thoughts and even started a new post the other day but couldn't finish it; it didn't seem to come together in a sensical manner so it's still sitting in my unfinished pile reminding me of the lessons I learned that day and not sure I could convey them to you.  One day I might finish it if I can do it as eloquently as possible!

Tonight I'm wanting to post about the first item on my daily challenge list:  My Mind.  I have thought about the mind quite a bit, which would be me using my mind, right?   There are sayings written about the mind, "mind your manners", "mind over matter", "people who mind don't matter and people who matter don't mind", etc...   I think about "the mind" as encompassing the brain but comprising more than the brain.  I don't know that I'm correct, but it's how my mind processes it.  I believe my mind also encompasses my spirit's mind as well.

I learn using my mind (and brain), take new information in and hopefully use it to remember what I've learned!  I also process thoughts and reason emotions with my mind.  So without even thinking about my challenge list, I hopefully do something for my mind (the first item on the list) everyday.

I know that I can read daily and learn something from that, but I'd much rather have stimulating conversation and use my mind to discern and process new ideas that I hear coming out of another human being's mouth.

Each day brings a new possibility to learn something new, even if it's a new idea or thought and I have plenty of thoughts and ideas!

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