Tuesday, May 15, 2012

X is for Extremes and Excitement

I know the A-Z Challenge is long past, but I  just need to finish it; I'm so close!  I wish I could blame my lateness all on being busy, but the truth is that I have been home and could have taken a few minutes to finish; it's all in my time management skills (which I blogged about a while back).

X is for Extreme.  I've had (for myself) an extreme three weeks.  I've experienced extreme excitement doing things and seeing places and experiencing things for the first time. My husband and I went on a cruise to the Caribbean with his family (our first cruise thanks to my Mother-in-Law).   I experienced extreme anxiety at our first port at Cozumel, Mexico when I couldn't find my passport before getting off the ship, only to run up to our cabin on the seventh deck (all by myself), feeling like I was the only person on the boat with it sinking and in returning in exasperation to my family to find out that it was in my back pocket!    I experienced some extreme adventure with cave tubing in Belize, eating what we were told was chicken but thinking it was iguana after all (my sister-in-law said she had a spine on her piece of chicken!),  zip-lining through a very beautiful jungle in Roatan, pushing through my fear of sharks and snorkeling off the coast of Roatan as well as being in the ocean with stingrays and even kissing one (on the Grand Cayman Island) and then snorkeling again (I had just gotten the hang of it when we had to quit; I think I could grow to love snorkeling!).   On the cruise ship we had an extremely pleasurable dining experience in the evenings and enjoyed lots of extreme laughter.

Then only to return home with a day for resting and day of cleaning before we had each of our four extra bedrooms full of loved ones for a week and then on to a time share with some extremely wonderful friends whom we haven't seen for several years.  Needless to say, I was extremely tired but extremely grateful for all of it when it ended this past Sunday. 

There's something about having extremes in my life that I love.  I love the highs and lows; the feeling of being high on a rollercoaster and then the feeling of coming down off of the high part.  Without extremes in my life, I'd feel a little flat, a little one-dimensional. 

Now that I've gotten to experience some new extremes I'm looking forward to some more new adventures; I think I could get used to it very quickly.  After all, life is short and it's a good thing to live every moment to its fullest, right? 

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