Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Y is for Yellow

I love yellow!  It's a bright, cheery, happy color; don't you think?  Whenever I have colored a sun in coloring books I have used yellow which produces the feeling of warmth and comfort.  What better feeling can you think of than laying in the sun (for a short time) and feeling the warmth of it? 

I use a country yellow to decorate my home with.  My kitchen walls are that wonderful, warm color; as are other decorative accents in some other rooms in my home.  I have been drawn to that country yellow for some time now; I'm sure that means something.  I must need the feeling it conveys, but whatever the reason I really love it. 

And finally, my personality color is yellow.  I took a personality test (years ago) called the Color Code in which I was defined as a yellow, but before I took that personality test I took one in which I was defined as a Chimpanzee (also yellow).  Chimps are fun animals, right? 

If I looked good in yellow clothes I'm sure I'd purchase some, but the main color in my wardrobe is black; go figure.  (black is a slimming color, right?)

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