Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Looking for the Lock for my Invisible Shield

This past weekend I was very fortunate to be asked by a sweet little girl if I'd read her the book, You Are Special, authored by Max Lucado.  I love the story.  It's about a village where the people are called Wemmicks.  They constantly give star stickers to other Wemmicks who they think are good at something and constantly stick dots on other Wemmicks who they don't see as worthy of the stars.

The main character's name is Punchinello who isn't very good at things the other Wemmicks can see so he has lots of dots all over him, and the dots are gray to top off the insult.  He meets a girl Wemmick named Lucia who has no dots or stars on her, and he is curious as to how she's managed to be clear of stickers.

She tells him of Eli, their maker, who she goes to see daily; he helps her to be free and clear of the stickers from the other Wemmicks.  Punchinello then, shyly, goes up to Eli's woodshop for a visit.  Punchinello is surprised that Eli actually knows who he is by name when Eli calls to him.  Punchinello questions why Eli would know who he was?, "Me, special?  Why?  I can't walk, I can't jump.  My paint is peeling.  Why do I matter to you?  'Because you're mine.  That's why you matter to me."

Punchinello is then instructed to visit Eli everyday to keep the stars or the dots from sticking since it really only matters what Eli thinks of Punchinello; it doesn't really matter what the other Wemmicks think.

Ever since I read this story to this sweet girl I have had it on my mind.  You see, sometimes I let others put stars or dots on me even if they're even unaware that they're doing it.  I know, deep down, and intellectually that really, the only thing that matters is what my Heavenly Father (my maker) thinks of me, but sometimes I forget.  I know where to get my invisible shield; it comes from Him, but my problem is finding the lock for my shield.  I need a way to keep it locked so nothing sticks to me.

In my grown-up world, my lock would be called consistency, I think.  That is exactly my problem; consistency.  When I am consistent in my communication with Heavenly Father my life seems to have a flow and a joy, but when I forget or procrastinate my communication, my invisible shield isn't very strong and seems to fall off.

 So what is the solution then to my "lock" problem?   I guess I just need to find a way to be consistent or to "just do it" everyday.  I have friends who are consistent, who just seem to "do it" without putting it off; maybe it's one of their talents?  Maybe they just came with that quality that I need?  Is it something one can develop?  I guess I have no choice but to develop it if my desire is to keep my invisible shield up,  and there is no time like the present, right? 


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