Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Everyday, Do Something

This morning as I was listening to a few minutes of Dennis Prager's radio talk show I heard him, in just the few minutes I was listening, make a great point.  He said that our goodness is shown in our actions and not in our intentions or even thoughts. 

What do I do daily to show my goodness?  He mentioned that if we are to be good or do good acts that it is a daily thought process, an obsession almost.  I got his point.

Here's an interesting idea that he gave, "have a video crew follow you for a week".  That would most likely be an eye-opener.  And then sit down after that week and watch it with people you trust as well as by yourself to see what you think. 

Of course, this would be difficult and almost impossible, unless you're on a reality television show.  (I wonder how many people aren't happy about their words and actions after they see themselves on television?)  I'm wondering if we could do this in our mind, daily?  Get up and imagine a video camera following us around; would we be more aware of our daily activities or non-activities? 

Definitely food for thought. 

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