Friday, February 22, 2013

Are Your Choices Worth the Price?

Again, this morning I heard some food for thought from Dennis Prager (I hope you don't get tired of ideas I get from Dennis Prager; I love listening to him).  He hosts an hourly program about happiness, and I only heard about 30 minutes this morning while getting dressed. 

What price are you paying?  Nothing in life is free ; all our choices, beliefs, lifestyles, daily habits; none of them are free.  We may pay more for some of our choices and beliefs and habits than we do for others but still, none of them are free.

Yesterday was a leisurely day for me.  I was so tired and had been busy the earlier part of the week so I took it off.  I did nothing but lay around and watch television which felt good at the time.  Today I am paying a price for not allotting time yesterday to do things that I will now have to do today. 

I paid a price and am still paying a price for my choice to not finish my college education when I got married, and today while all of my children are out of the house and I'd like to have a career my choices are pretty much nil.  Was the price worth it to me to stay at home with my kids?  Yes, I think so.  I could go back to school now if I wanted; so far I haven't been willing to pay the price to do that. 

I've known of people who have lost their families when they've changed religions or made different lifestyle choices.  That's a high price to pay; they are brave individuals and most certainly devoted to their beliefs to do that. 

I am sure you have paid a price for the choices you've made and continue to make today.  Are those choices worth the price you've had to pay?  We really cannot have it all; I know some people say that we can, but show me someone who has it ALL.

So as it has become afternoon and I'm not out of the house yet because I do have to do my part-time retail merchandising job for Hallmark at our 2 local Safeway stores, I am regretting my choice a little for taking yesterday off and also regretting my lack of time management this morning because it has started raining and is not likely to let up.  I'll be paying the price for my late start by getting a little wet; not a horrible price to pay but I'd rather be staying indoors and doing some fun things in my house.

We all have paid prices for our choices; sometimes I think it's a good thing to look at our choices and evaluate if they were worth it.  On the other hand, I don't think it's a good thing to have regrets even if we don't like our prices paid.  Life is too short.  


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