Saturday, February 2, 2013

Staying in the Present

On Thursday I was able to drive a few hours away to visit my son and his family; they have 15 month old twin girls and I love seeing them.  They're at such a fun age; we are blessed to have them only live a few hours away since all of my other 7 grandchildren live much further away than a two hour drive.
     I had a nice visit, and today I had to come home.  I decided that I'd pull my camera out of my backpack and take some pictures along the way home. ( I wish I had taken photos of the babies while I was there with my nice camera instead of my iphone.)  I drove through a canyon following the Snake River, I believe, and then through farm country with a few small towns scattered along the way.  It was a chance for me to just stay in the present, in the moment of being in the car with my music, my thoughts and my camera without thinking of what I had to come home and do.  It's a practice I'd like to continue each day(not the road trip; as much as I love them it might get old!  But the practice of being in the moment.)

As I pulled into Pomeroy I saw this beautiful horse and actually drove past before I thought I should turn around.   It's something I don't normally do (turn around) but today I thought, "why not?  when will I be back here and have this opportunity again?)  They walked up to me after I got out of my car.

It feels like it should be Springtime already with the fields starting to get green!

Dayton; I would have loved to walk around and take some more photographs, but I did have to be home by a certain time.

Outside of Waitsburg I started to see some fog.

I don't know if you can tell, but I tried to take this photo with the pink showing through the fog near the top of the photo.  It was the strangest thing seeing pink fog!  Maybe it was pink because it was really sunny above it? 

    I left 43 degree, sunny weather and ended up in 36 degree, foggy weather; what a difference!  Now I am practicing the art of being in the moment while at home; it's not as pretty or interesting as my drive but I have much to do taking one step at a time in my home and many things to be grateful for.

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