Sunday, February 20, 2011

The first day

  I have been thinking about creating a different blog from my "family" blog; a more personal blog where other people might like to join in on my comments & share thoughts and feelings.  So I'm starting it today!  I have so many different ideas of things to discuss that I have procrastinated for several weeks, but maybe it's better to just "start" and be a little more scattered than to wait and be organized?*S*
   I was reminded this morning that "the way I think about myself is the way I'll be".  I have learned this in Rapid Eye training and in life but I too easily forget.    I'm wondering how to keep those good thoughts and beliefs about myself each day even when those around me might not be so positive or when I get tired and just want to quit it all.  I'm hoping as I stick with this that I'll have new insights as to how to really change and become a better person remembering that it really only matters what I think and do and say no matter what is going on around me. 

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