Wednesday, December 7, 2011


Have you ever been in a situation where you're carrying on a conversation with lots of other noises and conversations going on around you?  Was it difficult to have the conversation or at least difficult to pay attention to every detail of the conversation?  In that situation you would have to pay close attention or focus on what's being said. 

Yesterday I had the subject of "focus" brought to my mind; something I can definitely use more of.  I can find myself here and there and back again within a matter of minutes! (both in a literal sense as well as in a mental sense)

I believe that what we focus on or pay attention to is what will show up for us; no wonder I have so many different things and people and ideas showing up for me!  My focus is in multiple areas and not sure it's very honed in to what I want or need (all of the time).  I visualize focus as a laser light or as a bullet (one that doesn't shatter when it hits the target); I think mine, at the moment, is like a sparkler.

So after much thought and conversation with some good friends yesterday on the subject, I tried today to be more focused; to pay attention to what (even at the moment) was important.  As I made out my "what matters most today" list, I tried to focus on each task at hand instead of getting so easily sidetracked.  I did better but did a few times, did find myself all over the place and then had to remind myself (and said it out loud) to stay focused.

I believe my Christmas Decorating Epiphany was a clue for me to cue in to or to focus on what's important in all areas of my life.  As I focus more, I believe I'll see more meaningful results coming into my life and hopefully the things not being focused on (or the less important things) will just kind of melt away (or at least my focus on them will melt away) and hopefully the chaos I create in my mind will also fade away.  I know this is a life-long process and not one to master over night, but isn't there a saying about things worth having are worth working for in order to attain?                                              

Or in my world, what I focus on (or pay attention to) grows. 

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