Monday, December 26, 2011

My "What Mattered Most" To-Do on Christmas Day


Yesterday was Christmas day; it was so nice to have my youngest son and his new wife here with us.  We opened gifts, ate a nice breakfast casserole, relaxed a while and got dressed for our Noon Church service.  I have to admit I wasn't excited to get dressed and leave my home for Church, but I went.

As I was sitting in the pew listening to talks and beautiful Christmas musical numbers (both in words and instrumental) I had the feeling that I was where I most needed to be on that Christmas day.  I was filled with the spirit of Christ and was brought to tears with an overhwhelming knowledge that I was sitting exactly in the spot I needed to be surrounded by family and friends; it was the highlight of my day. 

The rest of the day was spent in making a simple meal of ham and scalloped potatoes, relaxing in my pj's and in visiting with family over the phone since everyone lives far away.  ( I love my family and am grateful that we have "facetime" using the ipad2. )   After a long nap we had a few friends drop over to enjoy a movie with us; it was a nice day. 

As Christmas day is over and a new year is upon me, I will strive to remember to keep the spirit of Christmas with me all year long.  It's not as easy to do without all of the beautiful Christmas music and beautiful Christmas lights as well as the fun decorations, but I was reminded yesterday from the pulpit that as we think of Christ and think Christ-like thoughts, we can have that feeling always. 

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