Friday, December 2, 2011


For the past few days the subject of time has been on my mind.  I seem to be having a difficult time of adjusting to the time change that happened over a month ago!  Maybe this is something new coming up for me that I need to learn from?  Who knows?  I'll just assume that's the reason for my struggle and try to create joy out of it rather than struggle.  I found this quote on pinterest, the one about waking up in the morning and running; I am not a runner, but I feel like I had better be running around first thing in the morning, darting around if I want to get necessary things (and unnecessary things) done during the day. 

We have 24 hours in our daily clock; I wish we had more.  I'd really love not to have any type of schedule; I'd love to sleep when I'm sleepy and move around and get lots accomplished when I have energy and motivation!  (I don't think that would be acceptable in our culture, plus businesses do close in the evening)

 I'm having a struggle this year getting my Christmas decorations up and it's something I normally love to do!  I love doing just about anything creative, but to tell the truth I actually love the creative process in my head and in the shopping rather than the doing, unless I have a friend around to have fun with while creating my vision in the physical world! And I am taking more time than I'd like.
   I found an article on the website, Positively Positive, that talks about time and our usage of it.  The author of the blog pointed out that sometimes we try and cram too many things in our day which results in losing some of our joy along the way (as well as losing our memories because we have too many things on our minds).  I believe this is true and this answers the question I posed in an earlier blog post questioning why it is that I do some things mindlessly.  
We have been given the gift of time and we have no idea how much time we really have.   I have to learn to be a better steward with my time; maybe turning my to-do lists into my what-matters-most lists will help me turn my days to ones filled with appreciation for the time I have. 


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