Thursday, December 15, 2011


When I go a few days without posting on
Thought"full"ness, I miss it; not that I necessarily have amazing things to write about but it's a kind of therapy for me, I think. 

Today I feel like the air has gone out of me; it's been a few days of being so busy and getting things done for Christmas as well as for my youngest son's wedding (not that I'm doing alot for his wedding, but I do have to look good, right? so I had to purchase some new clothes and all that goes along with that).  I'm tired, which is nothing new, but this tired is almost the feeling of letting go of everything that's not that important and only focusing on what really matters. 

Last night (or should I say early this morning) when I finally laid down to try and sleep, I could have used this quote; I found it this morning on one of my pinterest boards.  It's not that I have anything bad going on in my life that I'm being torn apart, but I have allowed myself (once again) to be ruled by getting things done (and if it's not being done it's still in my head to be done) and forgetting to pay attention to the wondefullness of the season and even to " just breathing". 

So today as I, once again, have to finish a few things before Christmas (since we will be gone for almost a week before Christmas) as well as the house cleaning and packing (well, you know the drill) I am choosing to remember the positives in my life; the wonderful help I'm given from my Father in Heaven so that I can "hold it all together".   I will remember to breathe as I am at the Post office and while I am finishing up the few Christmas gifts and especially as I tackle the process of creating a photo book for my Mother-in-Law. 

It's a great day to be alive. 

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