Saturday, February 4, 2012

It's Not About Ideas, It's About Making Ideas Happen

I just ran across this quote on my "vision board" pinterest site and I love it!  I love it because it's true and I love it because it is me (or at least how my brain works).  

I love new ideas, motivational quotes, inspirational stories, thinking out of the box and expressing creativity but when it comes right down to it, none of that helps if we don't actually do something about what we're learning.  

I love the Nike slogan, "Just Do It!" and Pres. Gordon B. Hinckley used to say, "Do It!".  Both of those are truth.  Because even with all the learning and imagination in the world, none of it matters if we don't actually do anything about them.  

I was just reading "The Amazing in the Ordinary" blog (the first time I found it!) in which the author was writing about how she wasn't going to post anymore and instead live her life.  She said that one of her goals this year was to be present and she felt that writing her thoughts and experiences weren't the same as actually being present in her own life and own little corner of the world.  She has a point.  I am not intending to stop this process at this time; I feel like there's something for me in this process (and hopefully something for anyone who might choose to read it) of expressing myself, but I understand her point.

At one time (the space of time that I wasn't posting) I felt that I was supposed to stop blogging; I'm not sure I'll ever understand the why of that but I stopped; at least for a while.  Maybe I was going in the wrong direction (at least in some of the postings) for myself; maybe I wasn't being authentic because I didn't fully understand some of the topics, but I was trying.  I started "Thought'full'ness" as a way of improving and gaining new insights as to how to live a better life and using the Rapid Eye Life Skills, I felt, was a way for me to better do that.  Those life skills (and I didn't get through all 7 of them) are wonderful, but I'm not sure they were all relevant to my life and wasn't sure how to actually incorporate the "doing" in my daily routine.  

I guess I'm more of a practical person than I'd like to admit.  I love creativity and out of the box thinking, but when it comes down to it I need to be able to understand the "how" of it all.  How to use it in my life, how to apply it and how to help others understand (if they'd like to).   
I'm still not exactly sure which direction "Thought'full'ness" will take and I really wish I had a direction, but for now, I think it will happen organically as I have thoughts and/or experiences that I feel are worthy to share; some may be more serious and some may not be so serious (isn't that how life is?).  And I would still love for this to be a place of discussion and expression of ideas that we can morph into our everyday lives in helping us to improve and in helping us to become who we know we can be. 

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  1. I started reading The Amazing In the Ordinary blog about a week ago. That's weird!