Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Some Thoughts and Feelings and Views

Yes, I'm a conservative, and I know this is not a revelation to anyone; however I am a human being with thoughts and feelings and views.  And with all of my human thoughts and feelings and views I am saddened by several events going on in our Country today.   

First, the evil that has been done to Susan Powell and her 2 boys by her husband,which has been covered all over the news channels, has really caught hold in my mind.  I don't know where things could have been handled in a better and different way, but could they have?   I don't believe that any evil done to a human being is God's plan; we all have free choice and it's more than unfortunate that evil has such a hold on some people in this world. 

Second, my choice for the Republican nominee, Mitt Romney, lost in the Republican primaries and caucuses last night.  I know this sounds so trivial, but I see this coming Presidential election in November as so important that I'm hoping and praying, as well, that so many other individuals are praying to make the right choice in their choice at the voting booth.  I know we don't all share the same views on each candidate, but I pray that in the end we make the right choice for our country.  We live in the greatest country on the earth; our Founders were inspired of God and our current President and fellow politicians are straying from our Founding Fathers' hopes and aspirations for this Country. 

And finally, the last item that is weighing heavily on my mind is the fight for traditional marriage.  As California's Supreme Court has overruled traditional marriage and my state of Washington seems about to do the same thing I have to wonder what is going on?  I am sure that as cititzens of Washington, we will have a say and vote on this issue, but in looking at what's happened to California, is there much hope in the process?  I am not anti-gay people; although I am anti-their lifestyle; however, I personally don't care that they're joined together in civil unions with rights appointed to them as we have as married couples.  If I can afford them what they need to live a comfortable life, then why can't they afford me the same?  I had this written discussion with an acquaintance.  It's all about acceptance until I don't want to accept everything that the other side purports; then I'm non-accepting and uncompassionate.  I don't get it.

The world is full of so much negative and people who push against anyone who wants to remain in a traditional country and family.  (I don't want to live in Europe or I'd move there and I don't want my Grandchildren raised in a society where any kind of lifestyle is acceptable and okay).  It seems that I don't have much of a voice and it's frustrating.

So, with all of the discouraging news and world events (not to even mention all the horrible stuff going on in the Middle East!) how does one cope?  I'm sure that all of these events aren't only discouraging to a conservative; we are all Heavenly Father's children.  Most of the things that go on in the world affect all of us, and we care.

This morning as I was attempting to push away the sadness and look for the hope, and yes there is hope!  I know that I can only do what I can do, and as I have said, "It only matters what I do".  I have to look to my Heavenly Father and his son, Jesus Christ.  They are my rock and my hope.  I know that I am here to find joy and I can do that everyday despite the news. 

I also know that I do have control over my thoughts and can replace the discouraging thoughts with more hopeful and positive ones which in turn will change my feelings.  How grateful I am to know this!

Sometimes I just have to turn off the news and turn on my music and dance!  There is something about moving my body and breathing, and I know everything will be okay in the end.  Life can be and is good.   

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  1. Brings to my mind part of the added verse of the Children's Primary song "Book of Mormon Stories". "...People are confused, if you don't believe me- go and watch the News." I wish I could remember the whole added verse.