Monday, February 6, 2012

A Lesson Learned Even in Quitting

Okay, so I've quit another endeavor yet again.  I've quit things many times.  I have felt guilty in the past about giving up on jobs or projects or even resolves, but this time I don't feel like any of it was a waste.  

I started the Isagenix weight loss system about a month ago.  I wanted to lose (and need to) about 20 pounds or at least fit into a size 10 easily.  That's what I'd like.  I have a friend who is doing Isagenix and is having success and it didn't look too difficult so I thought I'd give it a try.  I actually liked the system and it's not difficult; it's just a little expensive for me.  So as a shipment is on its way, I've decided that I can do this on my own without paying a lot of money. (I've done it before so why can't I do it again on my own?)  I just hope I can catch the UPS guy so I can refuse it; otherwise, I'll have to take it back out to UPS. 

Here's the encouraging thing about my quitting this time:   I have learned something new about myself!  While embarking on the Isagenix plan, I knew I would have to give up Diet Dr. Pepper or any other carbonated beverages, and I have done it!  I have not had any kind of soda pop for a month!  I didn't feel addicted to it (most of the stuff I drank was caffeine-free); I just loved the drinking of it.   And I have no plans of going out and purchasing more to keep in the house since I know if it's here I will most likely have some, and I'm not saying I'll never have another soda pop;  I just know that I can go without and it's a great feeling to know I can choose for myself and I have proven (to myself) that I do have willpower after all!  

Oh, and one other thing: I have learned also that I can do without sugar as much; I haven't been perfect, and I have cheated a little but I know I don't have to have sweets everyday.  I have also learned that I don't have to always "feed my feelings".  Even during times of feeling badly in which I would usually eat to feel better, I was able to not eat and I survived! 

So as I embark on doing it on my own, I know I can be better than I thought and I am so happy to have learned something new even in quitting this endeavor; although I am not quitting in my goal to get healthier.  I'm just taking a different road to get there and taking my lessons learned with me.

I'm sure I'll embark on other adventures or goals that I may quit on, but if I don't keep trying and experiencing new things how will I ever continue learning?
                                        What lessons have you learned from quitting? 


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