Monday, February 20, 2012

It's Been 1 Year and Time for a New Challenge

The thought occurred to me that I have been blogging on Thought'full'ness for almost a year so I checked it out this morning and, low and behold, it's been a year today!  I know that I did stop blogging for a short period, but I'm happy that I haven't stopped all together; that's an accomplishment for me!

I haven't posted anything new for a few weeks; it's not that I haven't had any thoughts.  I wasn't sure that I had any new thoughts or ideas that would be interesting to anyone else but me.  I keep thinking I should have a purpose in blogging; a direction in which I learn something new.  I'm ready for some more "aha" moments!

The girls in my family have started a blog (To Pin or Not to Pin); one just for fun using ideas we've found on Pinterest.  My sister posted about an inspirational quote she found that has actually moved her to more action each day.

I went to the site and was able to print a small sign off; I didn't see any copyright so I thought it would be okay.  I have it hanging right over my computer; attached with tape to the the ledge of the shelf.

I am going to embark on doing all of these things daily and invite you to join with me.  In a month, let's see how our lives are going; I'm expecting to have some "aha's" and more joy as I remember each day to have a well-rounded life. 

This morning I woke up earlier (I am not a morning person by  nature so even though I was awake, it took me over an hour to get moving) because I knew I wanted a day more full of activity and less television (so far no tv!).  I look forward to checking off each of these areas of my life as I move through my day; so far I've accomplished 2!  Let's see how this goes.

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