Wednesday, November 9, 2011

A Little Aha Moment

 This morning as I was reading from the Book of Mormon (for those of you who aren't of my faith, please keep reading, the principle is universal)  I came across a few scriptures that renewed my hope and faith; another aha moment, one that was a great reminder of things I already knew but must have forgotten for a time. 

In my prayer before I read, I again pled with Heavenly Father for Lyla and Mae to grow strong and healthy; I especially pled for Mae's improvement since she's had a few little hiccups in her development and isn't quite as strong as Lyla at this moment.  I actually, today, forced the words out of my mouth, "thy will be done", words that I haven't been able up to this point, to say out loud.  I think I was a little afraid to give over the control (like I ever had any control).  Then I wondered, where was my faith?