Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Is it That Difficult to See the Small Details?

It's the end of the day, and a busy one at that and I have yet to have come up with a really great subject to post.   I have been thinking quite a bit lately; though, about why it is that I so easily overlook details that I really should see.  I don't know if my mind works so quickly that it doesn't stop to see something or if I'm missing some kind of connection, but I'm seeing it happen more frequently lately.

For instance, (and this is a little embarrassing) in Church on Sunday when they were passing the Sacrament and I passed the tray of water to my husband; the minute he took the water from the tray I immediately started to hand the tray back to the Deacon who was standing next to me waiting for it and Kent hadn't even had a chance to place his plastic cup back into the tray!  Where was my mind?  Those kinds of things happen almost daily (well, not the Sacrament incident but me overlooking small details) and I'm wondering if it's my age (I still feel 30!); can I blame my oversightedness on something?  Please?

Is this a trait that I can develop?  I've never been a detail type of person; I'm more an overall look type with all the details contributing to the bigger picture.  So I'm putting this out into the vast space called the worldwide web and wondering if anyone else has this problem and if they have come up with a solution.  I'm sorry this post isn't inspiring or even funny, but this is a part of my everyday-ness.  Maybe tomorrow I"ll be inspired with an insight?(if I'm looking closely enough)

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