Thursday, November 17, 2011

I Would Do Well

  Today I was talking to my friend, who is in the process of moving, about the subject of my blog post yesterday: missing little details.  As we were in my car heading to the store to pick up a few items she needed,  I remembered that I needed to stop at my home for something.  After running into my house and running back out to my car and hurriedly shutting the door, I hit my thumbnail on my padded steering wheel and broke the nail; my first thought was why did I have to do that?  There I go again, not thinking and just acting!

My friend suggested that maybe we all could function better at a slower speed; not being so hurried in moving and in doing things.

I saw this sign that I had pinned on one of my boards on pinterest; the words are true.  Of course, the first words, "slow down" speak to me in my hurriedness; what am I in such a hurry for?  The store will be there a few minutes later, my presence isn't required as quickly as I think I need to get places and when I do have to be somewhere at a certain time then I can learn to give myself plenty of time to avoid the hurrying. 

Maybe I'll try this tomorrow, at least:  stop, look and listen for the important things instead of hurrying and reacting to the insignificant things that I sometimes place too much importance on. 

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