Thursday, November 24, 2011

One Last "Thanks" Before the Day is Over

It's been a great day to give thanks and to share in celebration with some close friends.  (This year we broke the tradition of spending Thanksgiving with family in St. George and stayed at home due to our son getting married in December and our being able to travel down to St. George for his wedding) 

I had a phone call this morning from one of my amazing friends wishing me a Happy Thanksgiving and expressing that I'm one of her blessings.  Then I spoke with my Mom and Sister, my Daughter in Texas, got a text from my other sister, one from a friend I met in Rapid Eye training and then got another text from one of the Rapid Eye Instructors as well as a few other "Happy Thanksgiving" wishes through texts and through facebook.   

As I was replying to my Rapid Eye instructor's text, I found myself thanking her for the time and effort and love she put into teaching and then I added, "you have forever changed my thinking."  As soon as I had keyed those words into my phone, the thought occurred to me that yes, I am so thankful for the people in my life; and yes, I have been taught as well by all of them, both formally and just by example. 

I was taught and influenced by my parents, then as I was attempting to teach my children I believe I was the one learning the lessons.  I have been blessed with several amazing friends who have taught me invaluable lessons, both in conversation and just by their actions. 

And so my last thanksgiving thought and my last thought of appreciation before I pass out from lack of sleep, is that I am grateful, above all, for the influence of those in my life and of the learning I have received from them.  I have and continue to be "changed forever in my thinking" by those who have been and those who are presently in my life.  I look forward to learning even more and hopefully, to pass my learning on to others. 

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