Saturday, November 12, 2011

The Ronald McDonald House

I have never given much thought to the Ronald McDonald Houses; I knew they existed but never had a reason to pay much attention, I guess.  Well....since we visited Brent and Ranae in Calgary, Canada, where they are staying while Lyla and Mae remain in the NICU, I have given alot of thought to that charity.  The home (or should I say large type of cabin/resort) was so nice!  I would have loved to stay there.....forever!  It was beautiful and I was so impressed with how organized it was run and how "homey" it was for all those staying there in circumstances which were not pleasant.  They provide all the food except for breakfast and I believe there was storage in a refrigerator reserved for each room.  There is no food or drink allowed in the bedrooms and there aren't televisions in the bedrooms either, but there are several tv and/or quiet rooms throughout the large home as well as a playroom and various other rooms; plenty of space.  I took some photos to give a sample of what the home was like.  I will think twice about putting my money in the donation box in McDonald's when I go through the drive-thru for my Diet Dr. Pepper.

I looked up the Ronald McDonald House Charity on-line and read a little about it.  It's very impressive and is supported by more organizations and companies than only McDonald's.  The closest one to me is Spokane, WA; I wish it was a little closer.   I'd love to volunteer there, but maybe in the future....who knows?  

From a Distance; right next to the Children's Hospital in Calgary: the twins are at the Foothills Hospital (a few miles away)
Up Close

Ronald McDonald 

The main room as you walk in; it's huge!

Huge Dining room

I'd love this kitchen!  In the evening there are cookies, brownies, ice cream; you just help yourself!

Cool play area for kids.
This is huge and upstairs

An open room upstairs for sitting; next to the elevators.  The cribs are in case anyone there needs them for a baby.

We watched a movie in this room; very comfortable!

Same tv room

This room was labeled as a "quiet room"; no television in here...I checked inside the armoire!


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