Tuesday, March 5, 2013

A Truthful Tuesday

I recently read a blog post by Betty at "A Bench With a View" (www.viewsfrombenches.blogspot.com)  that was about being truthful, but I think hers was titled something like "Truthful Thursdays".  I haven't been able to stop thinking about it so I thought maybe I'd write a few things. Thank you, Betty for inspiring me to delve a little deeper for my truths.

Truth is an interesting thing and it's not always a black and white issue.  Of course, I like to always tell the truth unless it's going to hurt someone's feelings, that is.  I will not tell a friend if I don't like what she's wearing (that doesn't happen very often; I have fairly well-dressed friends), and maybe I'm talking more about not wanting to tell critical truths here.  When I was in high school I had a friend who never hesitated to tell me if I didn't look good or if my clothes weren't very flattering.  I remember making a dress (not something I did very often) and she pointed out to me that it didn't look good.  Looking back at photos of me in that dress, it was clear that I didn't look great in it.  I used to say that my friend just had no tact;  I think there's a fine line when it comes to truth.

Also, in listing truths, how far does one go?  How much do I want everyone to know about me?  This is something I've struggled with just a little in writing a blog; how much of myself do I want to expose to people I don't know?  I'm really not a private or shy person, but honestly, how much of myself do people want to know about?

So here goes:

Truth is...I wish I was a more productive person; I have a procrastination problem and a lack of  
                                                                                       motivation problem that I'm working on.

Truth is...I have some amazing friends, most have moved away which makes me sad, but I'm happy  
                                               that I have a few left hanging around.  They are my sanity at times.

Truth is...I'm really concerned about the direction of our country.

Truth is...I love reality shows (well, most of them.  I do draw the line at the crazy-over-the-top shows)

Truth is...I still worry about my grown children.

Truth is...I still don't know what I want to be when I grow up.

Truth is...I love helping people.

Truth is...I love to look at the positive side of things but every once in a while can't help but see the
                                                                                                                              glass as half empty.
Truth is...I love to drive fast!

Truth is...I love to be busy; it gives me a sense of purpose.

Truth is...I, unfortunately, compare myself to others at times.

Truth is...I know that I'm a daughter of a loving Heavenly Father, who loves me.

Truth is...I love to dance....and sing which I do very well in my car and house!

Truth is...I love to read and learn new things but I don't do it very often.

Truth is...I'm happy to know that I can change my feelings by changing my thoughts; it's a work in

Truth is...I love to blog and hope that someone out there learns something or can just relate.

Truth is...I love road trips and seeing new places and things as well as re-visiting my favorite places.

Okay, so those are a few of my truths for today; I wasn't sure how many to list since there are so many!    I think some of my truths may change as I work on areas of my life while others will always stay the same.   What are some of your truths?

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