Friday, March 22, 2013

Happiness Fridays: Living in the Middle?

This Friday, I am out of town visiting my son,his wife, their 3 year old and their 3 week old baby girl!  I love Southern California; everything you'd ever want is here!  But while I am out of town, I am still wanting to blog, even if I am only able to post on Fridays.

A few weeks ago I heard Dennis Prager talking during his "Happiness Hour"; he mentioned that if you think in the middle, you live in the middle; I've been pondering about that since I heard it. 
What does living in the middle mean to you?  For me, I think I've been living in the middle and at times, have lived in the bottom, but I also believe that I've been thinking middle and sometimes bottom thoughts. At the time I was at the bottom, I wasn't aware how thoughts determined my feelings.

I've been listening to a podcast by David Wood called, "The Kick-A** Life".  I am not a fan of the "A" word, but the title describes the kind of life that David Wood is talking about.  We all have to determine what living a life like that entails.  His life is full of adventure, travel, speaking engagements and meeting all kinds of amazing people on a grand scale. (He interviews people with different interests and occupations as well as just speaks on different subjects that are near and dear to him and his life). 

The other evening as he was closing one of his podcasts he was talking about saying "yes".  I love that idea because at times in my life I believe I've said "no" out of habit.  As I have been open to saying yes I've done a few things that I normally wouldn't do.  The other day we went to the Orange County Zoo;a cute little zoo with a cute little price of admission, petting zoo included.  The peacocks were out in mass that day and we saw a few with their tail feathers open; not something I commonly see.  As we were leaving my 3 year old grandson wanted to touch a peacock; there was one out next to the parking lot.  I would have normally said, "let's just go" but instead this time I said, "let's go!" and we ran toward the peacock trying to let Hunter touch it.  They look alot slower from a distance than when you're up close and personal!  We didn't have success in touching it but it was fun!  Then yesterday, I was fortunate enough to say yes to going to the Reagan Library; what an experience that was for me! 

Maybe my life looks "kick-a**" as I say yes to more things and enjoy living more?

As for Dennis Prager's observation of middle thinking producing middle living, I say live where you're comfortable and if you're not loving your life then maybe it's time to change your thoughts and maybe say yes to more opportunities! 

Happy Friday everyone! 

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