Thursday, March 21, 2013

My Visit to the Reagan Library

I was very fortunate to be able to visit the Reagan Library yesterday along with my daughter-in-law, Cyndi (along with Alice, her new baby) and Cyndi's Mom, Claudia.  Claudia has a friend at the library who was able to give us free passes.  We went because the Treasures of the Walt Disney Archives is on display.  (Cyndi is a huge Disney fan).  The Disney display was amazing and so much fun to see, but I absolutely loved the Ronald Reagan museum!

I've heard what a great President, Ronald Reagan was, but I didn't really pay that much attention to his Presidency while he was in office.  I was a young mother of 4 children at the time and my time was spent taking care of my family.  I have in the past several years started to pay more attention to our Government and am not so happy about what's happening.  (That's a subject for another blog post)

Looking at Ronald Reagan's life, his character and the kind of President he was, amazed me!  He definitely lived a life of integrity, valuing the human life and our great Country.  He took his job seriously, but didn't take himself so seriously; he certainly had a sense of humor (even when he was shot he had a sense of humor). 

 I took lots of pictures but wish I had gotten one of a book that he kept quotes in.  It had a display of its own filled with handwritten index cards and notes of paper with quotes that influenced his life. 

If you ever get a chance to tour the Reagan Library I highly recommend it!  It takes more time than you think it will; we thought we'd be there for a few hours; we arrived around 12:30 and left around 5:30, and we didn't stop and look closely at some of the displays!  Oh, and Air Force One is there as well!  I wasn't allowed to take photos inside and I wasn't brave enough to snap a photo illegally; there were so many docents around that I just knew as soon as I put my camera to my eye that one would pop around the corner! 

I wish I had more photos, I do not know what I was thinking by not taking more!  I did also take some on my iphone which I wasn't able to download to my husband's laptop this morning so I'll have to do without those for this blog post. 

Cyndi at her inauguration!

Reagan had a sense of humor even as someone tried to take his life.

A reproduction of the Oval Office

There were jelly beans everywhere!

A Beautiful painting of Nancy Reagan

Air Force One

I can fly!

Reagan's Limo

The photo of George W. Bush speaking at Ronald Reagan's Funeral.

a piece of the Berlin wall

 A Beautiful view from the Library.
"I know in my heart that man is good, that what is right will always eventually triumph and there is purpose and worth to each and every life".  Ronald Reagan
Cyndi and her mom, Claudia

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