Tuesday, April 3, 2012

A Curious Day

Ever had one of those days that didn't go quite as planned?  That happened to me today; I think the day turned out better than if it had gone as planned.

About once a month I, along with two friends, go to the Columbia River Temple which is about an hour drive from our house.  It was a gorgeous day and I was looking forward to being with friends and feeling the calm and peace that I find in the temple as well as great conversation afterwards while we eat our usual lunch at Red Lobster.

We usually do the same type of session while at the Temple and love it; however, today for some reason we weren't added to the schedule to attend the session that we love.  It was a busy day at the Temple with lots of people there, and even as we were disappointed,  we just decided we'd go shopping instead and have lunch and head home since I had an appointment I had to be back for.  

Unexpectedly, on the way out of the Temple we were talking to the Temple President who, when he found out about the scheduling mishap, offered to open up a special session for us and we could not say no to that.   It turned out to be, what I think, was exactly what we needed. 

I found it to be quite curious that everything worked out so well and left us with such a feeling of joy and peace.  I was going to use the word, coincidence, but when I looked words up in the thesaurus, I thought curious was a better fit to my experience.  In thinking about coincidences; however,  I don't know that I believe in coincidences.   I believe that things usually work out for various reasons that end up being better than planned.  

            I love curious days and welcome them; they add to this adventure we call life.

The Columbia River Temple

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