Friday, April 6, 2012

F is for Flake

This morning we had huge flakes- huge flakes of snow!  It's April 6th (my parents' 55th wedding anniversary) and it snowed (well, not where they live but where I live)!   Maybe f is also for flakey weather?  We never know what Mother Nature is going to give us from day to day!  

I had to run out with my camera and try and get some shots of giant snowflakes falling. (and I guess my behavior could have been considered flakey?  Running out in my pj's with my son's big shoes on to try and capture the feeling of Christmas in April might have looked strange to any of  my neighbors who might have spotted me in the white stuff.)

My daughter-in-law went out to wash out a diaper pail and i liked the contrast of her red shirt (ignore the towel on her head; she hadn't dried her hair yet) :)


  1. I didn't have time to get out my camera, I just hid and it went away, YEA! I can get on with my Friday now. You are NOT a Flake!

  2. The snow is lovely on film. Glad it was you not me.

    1. Thank you, Susan. It was gone in a few hours so it was beautiful. :)