Friday, April 20, 2012

What's Your Favorite SUBJECT?

I was thinking last night about S words (so, what's new?) and thought of the word subject and then thought about my favorite subjects in High School.  They were English and Psychology along with French.

The interesting thing is that so many years later (I'm not saying how many years!) I'm still interested in all of them and continue to use the first two, with an interest in French that I haven't done anything with.  I find that interesting to look back and see that my favorite subjects have become passions of mine.

I love writing; although, you will find, I'm sure, many grammatical errors in my text.  I think I've forgotten some of the sentence structures that I once loved diagramming, but I still love to write.  It's strictly a hobby, but I've found myself pulling out a small notebook I keep in my purse at Church or even in the car and airplane and jotting down a page or two.

I love how our minds work; why we feel the way we feel and do the things we do.  I'm intrigued with psychology.  I remember taking Psychology in my first semester at Brigham Young University; I just don't remember how I did in the class!  (I was dating my now husband so my mind wasn't exactly on school and I was young; what can I say?)  I think my love of psychology and wanting to help people took me on the path to Rapid Eye Technology and now on to learning about other modalities of energy healing. 

I would never have put together my favorite subjects in school with where my life has taken me so far, if I hadn't have had to think of an S word today because I signed up for the A to Z Challenge.  Thank you, A to Z creators and to a friend who passed that along to me.

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