Monday, April 9, 2012

There's No Place Like Home, Is There?

In the Wizard of Oz, Dorothy had to go on a long adventure which contained much difficulty and fear only to find in the end that there was no place like home.  Do we feel like that sometimes?  I know when I've been on a long vacation that I've sometimes felt that way.  If I'm gone too long I miss my stuff and more importantly, I miss having my own space.  

I have several places that I call home.  Of course, the first place I call home is where I dwell; it's where my stuff is, where I hold gatherings and create and clean (when I make myself).  I would like to think that I've created a space that defines my personality.  I share this space with my husband, but as the one who's home most of the time, I try and create a space that I feel comfortable in and hopefully he does too.  

The second place I call home would be at my parents' home.  They live way down in Texas and I haven't seen them in almost a year and half and I am getting homesick.  When I lived at that home as a teenager, I couldn't wait to leave home and make my own place in this world; lesson learned.  The funny thing is that since I've moved away from home they've moved twice to entirely different cities, but it doesn't matter; wherever they live I consider home.  

Then there are homes of dear relatives that I feel at home in when I'm visiting;  I also have that feeling of home in my friends' homes.  

 I know when people visit my home I want them to be comfortable and at ease.  I try and create that climate in my home.  I am all about the feeling of the room or the space more than the exactness or expensiveness in my decorating; in fact, most of the things I use to enhance my spaces I find at yard sales (one of my favorite past-times). 

We hear phrases like, there's no place like home and home is where your heart is.  So then, which is it?  When you think of home do you think of a particular space, a particular feeling or both? 


  1. They say you can never go "home" again also. My childhood home will always hold a special place even though it doesn't look the same anymore. Funny how small it seems when I go back and drive by. Home is where my family is! It is always good to have them gather, even if they can't all come at the same time. I love that when my Children bring their families home to visit, the rest of the family wants to come and see them. They grew up and still like each other, that makes my heart happy!

  2. Love the saying! I say that a lot at work, it never fails- I wore the wrong shoes.