Tuesday, April 17, 2012

My Adventure in Searching for Perfectness

P is for My Adventure in Searching for Perfectness.  I've looked for perfectness in all areas of my life for longer than I care to mention, and I've learned a few things along the way.

First, I have never really been a perfectionist or a type A personality.  I do like things to be perfect for me, but I know when to not care if they're perfect or not .  In a perfect world my house would always be clean ,I would be efficient, I would be doing everything right, and never say the wrong thing; fortunately, it's not a perfect world.

In my perfect world, my house is perfectly fine if it's presentable without a white glove test.  I used to have a sign hanging by my front door that read, "If you're coming to see me come anytime.  If you're coming to see my house please make an appointment."  The perfectness in my home is more about the feeling than in the presentation; although, I love decorating and making things look good.  Just last night we went to Home Depot to find the perfect ceiling fan for our bedroom.  Needless to say it took me longer than it should have with only 3 perfect choices!  I'm happy to report that even with my doubts even in purchasing the fan that when my husband installed it last night, it looked pretty close to perfect to me!  It gives our bedroom the feeling I was looking for. 

It's a good thing I've never expected my family to be perfect, at least not always.  I learned through raising five children that children or things or situations are not always perfect, but they were perfect for me in learning lessons and becoming wiser.  I have learned to let go of desires for us to be perfect as a family unit and especially now with everyone grown, gone and raising families of their own.  I used to think that our get-togethers (which don't happen very often) had to be perfect, but I have learned to let that idea go and to embrace the time we all share when we are all together.  (we are scattered from Washington State to California to Utah, and Texas)

I still love it when I find the perfect thing for a room or my closet or the perfect present for someone I love,  as well as the perfect thought at just the perfect moment, but life is too short to put so much pressure and stress on myself or my husband or my children to create perfectness. 

I guess my final thought on perfectness is it's all in how we view our lives, the people in our lives and our living spaces and circumstances that makes them perfect or not.  I'd rather choose to believe that my life and everything I'm learning is perfect for me.; otherwise I'll be going down the path of guilt and I choose not to travel that route.

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