Thursday, April 12, 2012

Kidding Around

This has been a busy and full week of doing major revisions in the Hallmark Department in two different Walgreen's Stores, and I am very tired.  I am ; however, grateful for the hours and am looking forward to a better paycheck than normal.

We work hard, but we have a great time and there's a fair amount of kidding around going on.  I've been teased and kidded my whole life, and I don't mind; maybe that's why I get kidded.  Whatever the reason, I enjoy it and it keeps the job fun and keeps me on my toes. 

Today when a few of us were laughing my boss (and friend) made the statement that it wastes 3.5 seconds to laugh while working!  That wasn't any kind of a hindrance to our laughing and teasing, and you know who was teased about that one!  Needless to say, she didn't mention anything else about us wasting time while laughing and working; life is way too serious to avoid laughter.  

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  1. Oh I agree on the life is too serious to avoid laughter. I worked a job that was often taken too serious for the type of work that it was.