Thursday, March 10, 2011

Enjoy This Moment

Today I was sitting in a waiting room at the University of Washington  Hospital while my friend was in waiting for the doctor to hopefully giver her a solution to some nagging medical problems.  (we drove over yesterday for a short appointment and the final appointment was today).  So I sat waiting and it was okay.    And then this quote came into my mind,  "Enjoy this moment for this moment is your life." (I don't know who said it, but I love it.)

I would have loved to have had some extra time to do some more shopping in the U District or exploring parts of Seattle or going back to IKEA, but I "sat".  I had my iphone with some game apps and I was surrounded by lots of different people, some of whom were noticeably ill (it was the surgical specialties center).  
 I realized that even in "just sitting" and "waiting" that was my life at that moment and I still had choices to make right then.  I had the choice to be impatient and irritated that it was taking a while OR I could sit there and be grateful for my health, that I'd had that short trip with my friend, that my youngest son was on his way home for Spring Break, and that I had a husband who supported me in helping out a friend.

We all have choices to make daily whether in just the ordinary of even doing the dishes or away from home and enjoying new experiences.  No matter what my choice is in the "moment", the minutes of my life continue to tick away and I'd hate to waste those (I've wasted too many in my past).

There's a great quote by Mary Englebreit that goes, "Time flies even when you're NOT having fun."  So, I think I'd rather choose to have fun, for I believe we can find "fun" or at least "positive thoughts" no matter what we are doing. 

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