Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Starting at the Beginning

On Monday evenings, my husband and I meet with a group of older adults (I say "older" since we are the youngest ones there) for Family Home Evening.  Since none of us have children at home to share lessons and games with we gather to still enjoy learning; generally the meeting lasts no more than an hour and a half.  We only have to host about every 9 weeks and last night was not our turn(next week it's at our house because we have the big screen and the March Madness Finals are on! so no lesson next week!). Last night I felt "fine", just a little tired and wasn't sure I really wanted to go but went anyway. (I usually leave happy that I attended)

The host divided us into small groups and wanted each group to teach a short lesson (very short and mostly just thoughts and scriptures) on our assigned subjects.  Well, I wanted to leave!  I just was not in the mood and really was feeling a little put out and rebellious about this whole thing.  I don't usually like to be the one to "rock the boat" so I went along and as I was sitting there feeling a bit angry(I saw my little walls start to build), I was also wondering how I created this outcome for myself.  (I like to do things "backwards"; figure out the origination after I'm getting an undesired result!)

I know that my thoughts are the origination of my feelings but I hadn't remembered having a bad thought about this except that I wasn't sure I really wanted to go last night and I was tired. ( In truth,; although I don't like to be put on the spot,  I'd like to think that I could teach or talk about a subject at any moment so this was good practice.)  Last night before relaxing and watching a little television before going to sleep, I was pondering how to change or replace any negative thoughts or even more than that how to "originate" positive thoughts (and in my mind they would be Christ-like thoughts) so that I create positive life experiences.  The thought I had was "positive affirmations daily"!  And really, that would make a big difference in daily living to start each morning with what I want to "be" or even more, reminding myself of "who I am and have potential to become".

I believe that to think the kinds of thoughts that lead to wonderful life experiences begin with knowing "who we are".  I am a daughter of God, He is the Father of my spirit.  I hold within my spirit a little bit of heavenly DNA; do I think the kinds of thoughts that are in harmony with who I am?  This could be (and may be one day) a whole blog in itself, but in short,  I believe that living a life we love first entails us knowing and believing we have been created in God's image with potential to remember who we really are!  (how many teenagers, or adults for that matter!,if knowing and believing they were a "child of God" would choose to do things to their bodies ,and others' bodies, that were harmful?)

From Remembering Wholeness, "We are the creators of our reality and "I am" are the two most powerful words with which to create.  Christ refers to himself in Holy Scriptures as the "Great I Am."  He has said, ' I am that I am,' which means I am the creator.  We are also creators.  Use 'I am' statements to create more of what you want."   
       This morning I asked to know what the best affirmations for myself today would be and then I just began writing what came to my mind.  Today:  "I am forgiveness, I am new perceptions, I am positive thoughts, I am charity(that was the subject we were given last night to give our short lesson on!), I am 'answers flow easily', I am positive words, I am cheerful, I am love, I am connecting with my family(after I finished with my affirmations my son returned my phone call!), I am connecting with my grandchildren, I am in control of my body(I also should have added, 'in control of time' since I ran out of time to workout!), I am healthy, I am 'my body functions properly', I am faith in my Savior, I am prepared, I am 'happy thanks'(this came from a class I attended many years ago at a Women's Conference at Brigham Young University), I am 'positive thoughts replace negative thoughts easily'. 

After I wrote these affirmations on paper,  I used a process called an "energy circle"(this originated with Dr. Ranae Johnson where Carol Tuttle attended Rapid Eye training)  in which I drew an imaginary circle on the ground (you think I sound 'woo woo' and crazy about now but try this and you will know it is not crazy!) and standing outside the circle I said my affirmations 'out loud', mentally throwing them into the circle, using my hands, and after stating them all, I stepped into the circle (jumping into the circle is even better) and "patted" all of the energy I had created with my affirmations into my body (actually patted my legs, arms, torso and lastly, my head-isn't that where everything is?)  physically bringing them all into my heart using my hands and taking a deep breath,opening my arms and blowing them out from my hands as if casting seeds to start forming and manifesting into my life. (what I am really doing here is making myself aware and telling God that this is what "I am" intending to happen and "allowing".)    "I have witnessed many clients' lives shifting into a positive momentum by just taking a few minutes each day to go through this process.  Writing affirmations is also a powerful tool.  When we speak these affirmations and evoke positive feelings as we step into the energy of them, we are truly creating our ideal reality.  The important thing to remember is that your thoughts are always creating your reality.  It's up to you to be in charge of your thoughts, and consciously create a reality that is fulfilling.  The alternative is a reality that unconscious and haphazard.  It's always your choice."--Carol Tuttle

We can complement our affirmations with vision boards, "mind movies", and imagining our day (or "seeing" our day as we'd like it to be(asking God to bring us ideas of want we want, helping us be aware of our power(personal power; not power over others), of our importance(we are children of God) , to be in harmony with thoughts that are Christ-like and then seeing all of this come to fruition in our physical lives.  By asking for help, we will receive it.  You just need to use whatever method works for you; not everyone would want to use an energy circle (but try it first before discounting it).

So today, I am starting out in a more positive way; and I'll be more aware of the results  am getting. 
                                 "Man is the Master power that moulds and makes,
                                  And Man is Mind, and evermore he takes
                                  The tool of Thought, and, shaping what he wills,
                                  Brings forth a thousand joys, a thousand ills:--
                                  He thinks in secret, and it comes to pass;
                                  Environment is but his looking glass."
                                                                     -----James Allen

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