Tuesday, March 15, 2011

We Can Choose What We See

Over the past few days  I have been seeing all the posts on facebook about the disaster, or should I say catastrophic events, in Japan (I have seen most all the news on facebook since I choose to not immerse myself in watching it on television) and even how it could possibly effect us with the nuclear plant problems, and  I am thinking about "perception".

What has happened there is truth; it is concrete, with no disputing it.  The perception I am speaking of is what do people see as they watch or hear about it?  I saw one facebook post that said, "the most important things are the things going on in Japan."  I had to think about that one.

I do not consider myself a selfish person or an incompassionate person and I do feel so badly for all of those people having to go through that rubble just to find loved ones!  It is incomprehensible to me; however, for me it is not the most important thing in my life that is happening, and I'll bet it is not the most important thing for the people in New Zealand still recovering from the earthquake that happened a few weeks ago or someone with a loved one going through a terrible disease.(what a horrible catastrophe like that can do is to put  our problems into a more proper perspective.)  

I have a family that I love very much and for me, that is the most important thing going on.  I pray for the Japanese people as well as all those who are helping them, but I pray also for my family (and my friends) because there are situations here, from my perspective, that are just as important.

When these catastrophic events happen, I have to trust in God which in turn, lends me to a little more peace in knowing that He is in charge and that everything will be okay somehow 
(as well as doing my part in my physical and spiritual preparation).  How can there be fear and faith in the same place?  What we focus on is what we will see more of; so with that said, I'd like to focus on love today; on sending out prayers and love to all around me and to those in the world who need all the help they can get. 

And in getting back to perception (which is the topic of the week), how do I want to change the way I see the horrible events in the world today?  For myself, I am going to see the heroes all around me and all those who are compassionate and are selfless with their time and energy(both in Japan and in my little corner of the world).  Maybe if I  see  that enough, I'll be inspired to do and to become one of those people.  And even if I cannot do that in Japan or other places in the world or country that need help, I can do that in my own home and in the realm of my family and friends. 

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