Friday, March 18, 2011

My 5 Cent Problem

A few years ago while at Rapid Eye Certification, I was asked to participate in what is called the "Creation Walk" to demonstrate how it works.  The "Creation Walk" takes one from where they are in a situation and can move them to a new perspective of where they are now choosing to be.     There are actually "squares" of paper with wording laid out on the floor in a circle that begin with your "thought" (or situation) and end with your "connection to God".    You "see" as you step on each square new ideas and perspectives as well as "feeling" your choices and experiences.  (It's very interesting and eye-opening)
So, I was told by the instructor to pick a 5 cent problem (meaning one that was easy and quick to get through just to demonstrate the process).  Well I thought I had picked a 5 cent problem until we started around the circle and I was re-creating it all.  I was surprised at the emotion that it brought up!
My "problem" was that "when I was driving, I would get really annoyed with people who pulled out right in front of me."  That seemed simple enough; I thought!  I soon discovered that it was not so simple and that eventually it caused me to lose my connection to God.  It soon became very real to me and felt very real to me.  I saw very quickly that I needed to change those thoughts from anger to understanding because I know that I need to feel God's presence in my life and I would like to think (and try to do) that the things I do are pleasing to God. 

My perception was that people were so rude and inconsiderate (it all seemed to revolve around me).  On the way to the top of the circle I was in my negative behavior and feelings, but on the way around to my "connection with God" I was creating what I wanted to "be".  It is eye-opening to see what you want to "be" rather than what your actions are at the moment.  So I chose to see those who were pulling out in front of me in different ways (this sounds so trite just stating this but in reality, it was very powerful):  in a hurry to pick up a child, having so many things on their mind that they weren't paying attention and that they could have waited when nothing was coming behind me, upset and having difficulties in their lives, etc.....

I am not always perfect at this, but I am better and I know that to judge others because I may  be inconvenienced a little and have to slow my car down to accommodate them will send me to a place of "disconnectedness" and I need that connection.  

In "wrapping" up my few days of concentrating on "perception" I am learning to be aware of my "perceptions" or "judgements" about situations and people.  What are we giving focus to that is keeping us "disconnected" from God or from being positive? 

"When we change the way we look at things, the things we look at change."
(I know I used this already, but it is so true)


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