Wednesday, October 12, 2011


   Yesterday I blogged about a day that I never want to forget, but most of the time I have "moments" that I want to remember.  Most days are just "average" days; just doing regular things that aren't all that exciting; however, I have found within some of those days tiny moments that make me smile (or at least smile inside).  
    Kodak used to advertise, "These are the moments of your life" (I can still hear the song in my mind).  And it's nice to have photographs to remind me of events or days or even just a moment.  I'm not really good at printing off alot of the photos I take.  Since they're digital, most of them are stored on my hard drive and just looked at from time to time; however, I made an effort last Fall to print some photos off and found a metal "thingy" (very technical term) that I have hanging on my dining room wall with photos attached using clothespins.  I see those photos everyday (multiple times a day) and am grateful I made the effort.  
   There are some moments; however, that I don't have a record (at least physically) of.  I have them pictured in my mind that I can recall anytime I'd like; there's a song that was popular in the 90's about "taking still frames in your mind" (or something like that and I cannot remember the name of the song but I will find it!).   You know the kinds of moments I'm describing; the first time you hold one of your babies and the nurse wipes a tear that's trickling down your face, laughing with your children,  a wink across the room from your husband, a time when your family is all together and doing the same project with no arguing, moments when you drop to your knees pleading for help from God and then to have the a sense of peace come right away, watching your children play sports and cheering for them (and cheering loudly), watching your children leave home and not being able to wait until they come back and then there's the big one of watching your children be married knowing that they are all "grown-up" and have someone else to help them along their path.  
   Today was almost a less than average day; I had very low energy and didn't get alot accomplished; however as I was out and about for a few errands, I stopped at Curves to buy some of their chocolate protein shake that I like.  So far, the moment for me today was having the owner so happy to see me and wondering if I was there to re-join , and then another lady hoping that I was "back".  This moment in no way measures up to the "heartfelt" moments, but it's mine for today and I look for those times I can smile and add a little ray of sunshine to my sometimes otherwise "average" days. 

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