Saturday, October 22, 2011


 I love Autumn!  Every year I love to go out and take some photos, but this year I'm having a little more difficulty getting out.  I did; however, get my Autumn decorations out, and each year I like to add a little something so that my "Autumn-ness" gets better each year.  This year I bought this sign I found at Real Deals: 

Just as the earth changes with each season, so do our lives change with each passing year.  I don't know how long you would define a season in a human life (something like "dog years"?); maybe it's measured in decades or in quarter centuries.  I do know that my "season" of raising kids is over and I'm exploring this season of my life; what do I want to do now, what do I see for my life (and my husband's) now?

We were with a dear friend today as she's exploring the idea of purchasing a Motor Home now that she's in a different season of her life; it is a little exciting!  We can view each season or each change of our lives differently; we can see it with sadness (which I saw in mine for a little while) or we can see it through excited eyes of adventure and learning new lessons.

I can hear The Mamas and Pappas (not exactly sure if that's the group that sang this song) singing the song (and it wasn't even in my "era").   "To every thing, turn....turn...turn... There is a season, turn...turn...turn...And a time to every purpose under Heaven..... "  The inspiration for this song comes from Ecclesiastes Chapter 3, Verse 1: "To every thing there is a season and a purpose under Heaven."

So as Autumn is here and with the changing leaves and temperatures (and soon to be clocks), may we find and rejoice in the purpose of our lives at this moment and in this season, being happy where we are and moving through each phase with ease.

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