Monday, October 24, 2011

Summing It Up (Part 2)

Last night I posted "What I  Want" (a revised post from one I blogged about last week);  I felt that before I re-posted "How's Your Mood Working for You" I needed to know what I really wanted (I sometimes need to work backwards).   So even though today was not a wonderful day and I almost feel hypocritical to post anything, I am going to "push on" and post what I had intended to in the first place.

I blogged about making a list of the things that would make you happy which I had done several years before, but this time my list was a little more specific and detailed.  This is a list (as well as my "wants" list) that I need to put up where I can read it every morning or when I start to feel badly or discouraged.

Here's a sampling of "What Makes Me Happy" to give you an idea (as if anyone might take this idea?):  *Living and "doing" with ease  *knowing that I've done the right thing  *helping others (physically or emotionally)  *meaningful conversation  *laughter  *taking photographs  *being with family  *all kinds of music  *a clean, comfortable home that reflects my personality  *when I'm working out and can feel my whole body (and muscles) moving, working & stretching  *driving with the car windows down (or moon roof open)  *being at the beach, seeing & hearing the ocean  *good, clean, fun  *fresh scents  *being needed  *creative ideas  *connecting with friends *aha moments  *watching children (& especially my grandchildren) play and laugh  *feeling "balanced"  ...... this is just a sampling and I'll most likely add to my page-long list, but the point is to have my "happiness" list reflect my "wants"and as I was reading through both lists last night, I realized my "happiness" list does follow my "wants" list. 

Today while I was reading my scriptures I came across some passages that talked about having "opposition in all things" in order to know the good from the bad, happy from sad, etc.....  I realized and was reminded that in order for us to know joy we need a little sorrow.  I think we'd all agree that we get our share of sadness or sorrow; do we realize as we're feeling sad that there's an "upside" to that?

 We have many opportunities to learn and grow.  I have learned (or realized) that I don't need my "happiness journal".  I have a Gratitude Journal where I reflect and list 3 - 5 items each day that I have seen or thought about that I am grateful for, and in feeling gratitude I will also feel happiness and joy. (So I won't waste my cute Happiness Journal, I'll use it as my Gratitude Journal when I fill it up)

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