Friday, October 21, 2011

The Secret is Believing

  It's been a rather long day and I am tired.  It's not that I've actually gotten alot of physical work done that's made me tired; it's the tedious tasks of uploading photos to snapfish and organizing my office just a little more, that's worn me out.   I am tired but happy.

This afternoon I saw a post on facebook that expressed the feeling that it was an "off" day for that person and she just couldn't seem to "get it together".  I know exactly how she was feeling; yesterday was my day to feel that way; in fact, I had actually wanted to throw in the towel for the day and just go to bed at 7:00pm (which would have been miraculous for me to fall asleep!) and pull the covers over my head.  Nothing had happened to even give me the "hint" to feel that way; it had been a good day.  I got a quick errand run and had lunch with a friend and then after, had gone downtown to a new Re-Sale shop and actually found a pretty blouse.  But I was feeling a little defeated anyway.  For some reason, I didn't fall into my normal "defeatedness" and had the desire to write which totally changed the way I was feeling.  Through the pen I was able to express ideas and thoughts that I hadn't totally understood before, and I felt better because my thoughts had changed and I was feeling and believing them.  (The content of my "writing" will be a different blog post; it's a little longer than I want to deal with today; I'm ready to get off of the computer). 

A friend bought this little sign for me on our way home from Seattle a few weeks ago.  "The Secret to having it ALL is BELIEVING that you DO."   Whatever we think and believe is manifested in our moods and actions.  Today I do have it all (at least the definition of all in my world) and am really not wanting for anything more (except maybe take-out for dinner!).


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