Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Some Days!

Last week when I was on my treadmill, I noticed that the "endurance" light was on!  That made me very excited to know that I was going farther than just the "fat-burn" and I was actually enjoying myself while doing it!  It gave me that extra little incentive to keep going. 

Today I would like an endurance light attached to my body to tell me that I'm "doing it" and to keep going!
I'm just sluggish today; I've got to get all of my yard sale stuff in my car and drive it (and then mark it and display it)  to the location where we're having the yard sale tomorrow!  I had all kinds of energy yesterday; don't know where it is today!  The sad, or funny, thing is that this morning when I got up I mistakenly took an over the counter sleeping pill instead of taking Excedrin!  Lesson learned: do not take any kind of pill unless I am awake and alert!  So after I mistakenly took the sleeping pill I hurriedly took 2 Excedrin to try and counter that one little pill!  (maybe that's why I'm a little sluggish today? you think?) 

Regardless of my "tiredness" I have to keep pushing on and enduring for the rest of the day!  (What's the limit on the amount of Excedrin one can take? )  Some days I just have to laugh at myself!  

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