Sunday, October 30, 2011

Sometimes Faith is All We Have

Wednesday, the day I was supposed to be on a deadline gathering the rest of my garage sale items, I received this text from my son, who's wife was expecting identical twin girls (due date was February but they were planning on having them in January), "Ranae and I came to the hospital 5 hours ago and found out she was fully dialated and she had an emergency c-section babies are doing good so far."   

Of course I called my son at that moment and talked to him (they're a long way from us; an awful feeling at that moment).  He was alone, his wife's family was on their way to the hospital since it was a 45 minute drive from where they live, but Brent was alone; I felt so badly for him.

All of the activities I had to finish up that day didn't mean so much to me, but I did muddle through them amidst all of the phone calling to my family and relaying messages back and forth.  In fact, I am grateful for a friend who came and got me (not knowing beforehand about my preemie granddaughters) to look at a house with her; I'm afraid I wasn't "all there", but it got me out of my house because there was nothing I could do; what a helpless feeling! When I got on my knees that evening to say a prayer for the 4 of them, the thought came to my mind that "we are blessed." 

 Ranae blogged about the experience and in her blog mentioned that she had felt calm throughout the experience realizing that the babies were in Heavenly Father's hands;  I admire her faith.  Lyla and Mae  ( were 1 lb. 13 ozs and 2 lbs when they were born and are breathing on their own, and according to the nurses the babies are doing well.)   God is good. 

   If you feel inclined to offer up a prayer in their behalf,
                      it would be appreciated. 

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  1. I'll be praying too! I'm sure they are beautiful. Sorry you are so far away, grandma.